5 Best Chat Messenger Apps for Android

Gone are the days when we used SMS for sending text using our mobile phones. I still remember I used to recharge with 30 INR and get 1000 SMS validity. Loved those days but they are gone and now in the age of smartphones most of us use internet in our phones which leads to use more of online chat messengers rather than using SMS. The other benefits are that these online messenger apps gives us a lot of features like you can send text, video, images and even many of them support audio video calling features as well.

Therefore SMS is dying and chat apps are evolving. Many of the chat apps have already become famous because of their flexibility, user friendly interface and options.

Thus I thought to share few of the great chat messengers with you which have become integral parts of our smartphone. Here is the list of 5 best chat messenger apps for Android powered smartphones:

Whatsapp Messenger App




Whatsapp tops the list as everyone across the globe is using it. Though it doesn?t have so many features which other chat apps offer but still as the number of users it has, make it the best and the most used chat messenger app. This greatly works with Android, windows, blackberry and iOS.

This enables you to send text, audio, video, voice, emojis and recently it has launched calling feature as well.

You can make groups, broadcast messages, upload your own profile pic, and put a status which you can change at anytime.

It syncs with your phone?s contact so you don?t need to add friends separately. All of your contacts who use this app will show in your Whatsapp contact list.

Facebook Messenger App



Facebook is the best social networking website used by trillions of people around the world. It has launched its own chat messenger.

This is 2-in-one chat messenger as it enables you to chat with your Facebook friends as well as with your phone contacts because it gets synced with phone contacts just like Whatsapp.

By using this messenger you can send smileys, stickers, text, voice and many other things. This also offers you to make a call to your friends.

If you are a user of Facebook then you are bound to use its messenger app in order to send and receive messages from your friends.

Skype Chat App



Skype is one of the oldest and the best chat apps through which you not just chat via text but you can share images, files, and videos. This also offers you to make audio & video calls to other skype user.

Most of its services are free but if you call to a cell phone then you have to pay. It is used in most of the offices for communication purpose.

Wechat App



This is just another messaging app for android and other mobile operating systems. This is quite similar to Whatsapp with some extra features added with it.

It has cool and unique feature termed as ?Shake? which offers you to shake the phone and it will show you the people nearby you who are also shaking the phone at the same moment. It?s like ?Shake your phone to find people shaking their phones as well.?

Hike Messenger App




Hike is just another chat messenger app which is made in India. It is similar to whatsapp and wechat with few of different features.

Few great features it has:

  • Regional Stickers
  • Send any kind of file even pdf, doc, zip etc.
  • If your friend is offline your message will still deliver to him in form of SMS.
  • Hidden Mode feature which enables you to keep your chat private by locking with a password.

Final words?

You have seen that there are many chat messenger apps available which are killing the SMS system gradually. I have shared only the 5 best chat messenger apps for Android but there are many more like telegram, line, snapchat etc. So which is your favorite? Share via comments. Mine is whatsapp!

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