5 Best Tools to Test Internet Speed

We live in the world where the Internet has become the need for day to day life. From reading news to updating Facebook status, chatting with friends, video calling to friends & family or downloading movies & songs, watching online movies or TV, and many other countless things are being done on Internet.

I am a blogger, and I need to research topics, read various articles, find out relevant images to add into my posts, logging into my blog?s dashboard to post articles, moderate comments, and networking with fellow bloggers on day to day basis.

So to do all of above mentioned tasks and entertainment, we need a fast Internet connection because with a slow connection, nothing goes smooth, and it wastes a lot of time of ours as well.

Therefore, while getting a broadband or dial-up connection, always check the speed to know whether your ISP is providing you with the speed what is in the plan you subscribed for. If you find lower speed than what you are paying for, then you can ask them to provide better speed. You may even complain into the Broadband Company on the same.

Testing the internet speed is not a tough task rather it is very easy. There are many online tools that let you know the speed within or less than a minute.

Here goes the list of 5 online tools to test Internet Speed:

1. Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is the most popular tools to check internet speed. When you open its homepage, you can change the server on the world map, and begin the test.

It Downloads and uploads files to calculate the speed, and then shows you the speed of your connection. You may read more about how the speedtest.net works behind the scene by clicking here.


If you look at the screenshot, you will be able to understand all. It shows the download speed as 5.04 MBPS (which is quite good) and 1.01 MBPS upload speed. It is even displaying the Broadband company name, and the server I selected before starting the test. For example, I selected Panipat that you can see.

2. Pingtest.net

Pingtest.net is an online tool to test the speed of your broadband Internet. It analyzes packet loss, ping, and jitter. Then it displays the result whether your internet connection is able to play video, make video calls or any particular thing.


Like Speedtest.net, this tool is also developed by OOKLA.

3. Mega Speed Tester

Mega Speed Tester is relatively a simple tool which you open and click on ?Start? button to start the test. Within few seconds, it will display the test results. It shows the download speed, upload speed, and IP address.

mega speed tester

Let me tell you that Mega speed tester is developed by Techiegig team. If you have any suggestions and feedback, then please share with us to help improve this tool.

4. Band Width Place?

Band width place

Like, Mega Speed Tester, it is also a very simple tool which lets you know the upload and download speed of your Internet connection. Though, the fastest server is selected by default, you can select a different server before starting the test.

5.?Internet Frog

Internet Frog

This is another nice tool, once you start the test; it calculates the download speed, upload speed and time to download files with particular size. ?It also displays a chart which you can see in the above screenshot.

Final Words

These are the best tools to test the internet speed within seconds. I always test my broadband speed using different tools to see the difference. It?s important to test the connection speed, and if you are not getting what was promised by your ISP, then lodge complaint that might help you get back the full speed for which you are paying.

Share your thoughts in comments about these internet speed test portals.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Mukesh,

    I have been using speedtest.net since long, but as I now know so many tools including the one developed by Techiegig, I will use them as well.
    Thanks for the list mate.

    • Thank you Atish for visiting this post and glad you liked it.
      Megaspeedtest is developed by Techiegig.com and we are continuously working to improve it. Please visit the portal and let me know your comments.


  2. From last i am doing researched on internet speed. Finally, I saw your post you gave various site details to check the internet speed. It is so great and helpful. Iam using speedtest.net this site is really simple and good to work. Great post!!!
    Thank You

    • Thank you Sathish for visiting this post and please do try megaspeedtest.com developed by techiegig.com and let me know your comments.


  3. Hi Mukesh,

    Nice to be here once again. Regarding the tools, I used to check the speed with Speedtest.net but the others are new for me.

    Also, great to know about the tool developed by techiegig team. I will have a try at it soon and get back to you.

    Keep sharing

    Hoping to read more posts from you and more interactions in future.

    Keep the good work and have a great blogging journey.


    Reji Stephenson

    • Thank You Reji for visiting this post and thanks for offering to try out megaspeedtest.com


  4. Incredible information, Mukesh,
    Thanks for this thorough treatise on best tools to test internet speed. I personally use speedtest.net. But you shared with us some other useful tools which can definitely help us to check out the internet speed.

    • Thank you Muhammad Mairaj for visiting this post and glad you liked it, you may also want to try out megaspeedtest.com developed by techiegig.com


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