6 Free Sites to Stream Movies Online

Are you a movie lover? And, not a fond of going to theater?  You like to watch movies on your laptop as like me?

If the answers to above questions are Yes, you must continue reading this blog post.

When I just started using the internet I used to download the movies and then watch them using my favorite video player, VLC. However, nowadays everyone has scarcity of time which leads us to live a busy life where we get less entertainment and more work.

But, entertainment is indeed important, and it must not be ignored. It is important to refresh your mind. Movies are the biggest entertainment for many, and I am one of them.

Nowadays, we are in the age of 3G and 4G where we get blazing fast internet. So, why to waste time downloading movies? Why not just watch them online with fast buffering?

Yes, there are many free and premium websites available online that offer movie streaming online.

In this post, I am going to list 6 such sites to stream movies online for free.

1. YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video streaming website where we watch different videos everyday whether it is a tutorial or song or trailer or something else. A few years ago, it started offering free and paid movie streaming as well. So, you can find some free movies and watch them on YouTube Legally. The best thing is that you get awesome buffering speed on YouTube, hence, a great viewing experience while watching your favorite movie.

2. Veoh


Veoh is a database of millions of movies that are free to stream. It is one of the oldest movie streaming websites, and its name comes just after YouTube. You just need a browser that supports flash player, and you are all good to watch movies using Veoh.

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3. WatchMovieStream


Are you a lover of a certain movie genre? If yes, then this site is good for you because all the movies are sorted genre-wise which is good for those who loves to watch movies of certain genres such as I mostly like to watch Sci-fi genre movies. You can watch the movies in HD free of cost. What else you need? Just visit this site today and stream your favorite movies.

4. Crackle


Sony Pictures always makes awesome movies, and you may not want to miss them. Right?

Crackle is the best website to watch all Sony Pictures movies as they have a partnership with Crackle.  You can watch the movies in High Definition though you may get irritated with some commercials, it’s okay as you are getting premium service for free you can tolerate the ads. Free things have some downsides always.

5. Popcornflix


It has more than 1500 movies in its database which is huge, and you will find almost all of your favorite movies on this website. Movies from various genres such as Sci-fi, Comedy, Romance, Action, Drama, Family, Horror, Documentary, etc. are available on Popcornflix to watch for free.

6. Watch Documentary

Watch Free Documentaries, Series and Episodes online

Many people love to watch documentaries, and this website is best for those people because as the name says it is a huge database of documentary movies. It has more than 10,000 documentaries in its database from different genres such as conspiracy, drug, music, science, health, etc.

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Final Thoughts

For some watching movies can be a boring thing, but for movie lovers, it is indeed a joyful stuff.  Watching movies online is a fun and different from conventional ways of watching movies.

The websites mentioned above are one of the best sites to stream movies free which you add to your list of movie streaming sites.

Share your thoughts, and also let us know if you are using some other websites for movie streaming.

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