An Introduction to SEO[Search Engine Optimization]

An Introduction to SEO[Search Engine Optimization]


SEO Target - Search engine optimization

SEO Target – Search engine optimization

Being a website owner you might have heard somewhere about the term SEO, isn?t it?

If you are still in confusion that what actually this term is all about then I must say you are missing a lot of business.

Let me tell you few things first and then we will discuss about SEO.

A big percentage of people use search engines to get information, to search for various products or for many other purposes.

From business point of view you should be there where your targeted customers are.

Therefore your website must show up when people search for something using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Though most of the people use Google to search anything over internet.

For example,

If you search black leather shoes in Google then it will show you a list of websites which offers this product and you might click on any website to buy right?
So you can see that a customer can come to your website only if it shows up when he search.

So the above written facts say that you need to make your website rank on search engines so that customers can find it and you can get some good business.

But the question is how you can get your website rank better in SEs (Search Engines)?

There comes SEO short for Search Engine Optimization, into the picture. It is a set of strategies which are implemented to increase a website?s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Just one line definition says everything but when you explore about this term, you will come to know that it is not just a word but a great topic to learn and explore.

Excited to read more about it?

I am here to explore the term SEO as what it is? Why it is needed? And most importantly how to do it?

You already have an idea about what it is and why it is needed but how to perform SEO is the main topic here to discuss. Let?s discuss then!

As I wrote earlier in the post that SEO is a set strategies that a website owner applies to improve search rankings in search engines.

SEO is required because if your website doesn?t show up where your targeted users are then you can?t think of getting success either for your blog or website.

How to Do SEO for a website?

There are basically 2 types of SEO:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

?On Page SEO

On page SEO includes strategies which are implemented on the website such as Writing Meta tags, content optimization, image optimization, URL optimization, Interlinking etc.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO includes Strategies which are implemented outside the website such as social bookmarking, Article marketing, Directory submissions, guest posting, link exchange etc.

How to Do On Page SEO?

As stated above On page SEO includes the strategies which are done on the website. Here are those strategies:

Keyword Research and Distribution: Keyword research includes the process in which you research some good keywords relevant to your business which has good monthly search volume. You need to check their competitiveness as well in order to select those keywords on which you can rank a little easier.

Google keyword planner and Long Tail Pro are 2 keyword research tools I would like to recommend.

After you are done with the research there needs the distribution of those selected keywords on the website. Distribution simply means placement of them. Meta Title, Meta Description, URL and page content are the parts where you can scatter them in a natural manner.

Caution: Never stuff too many keywords.

Writing Meta Title and Description: Meta Title needs to be written within a limit of 60-65 Characters including spaces because search engines only count till this limit and extra characters get trimmed thus no impact at all so it?s good to write in this limit.

While writing Title you should include 1 of your targeted keyword for that page as it is the part which has maximum impact on search engines.

Meta Description should be written within a limit of 160-165 characters. You should always include at least 2 of your targeted keywords within the description.

URL Optimization: URL optimization is a vast topic but the main thing is that you should keep your web page URLs short and make sure they contain at least one of your targeted keyword. Avoid underscores (_) in the URLs rather use dashes (-).

Try avoiding parameter driven URLs.

For example:

www.example.com/Index.aspx?Kid=3&Lid=4 = Not Good

www.example.com/black -leather-shoes-online/ = is good

Content Optimization: This process includes writing unique and error free content in which keyword placement is natural. Make use of <H1>, <H2>, <H3> within the content for various purposes and it?s even good to use your targeted keyword in H1 and H2 at least 1 time each.

Overall, keep the keyword density around below 1.5% within your content which means if you are writing a 600 words content then you should use your targeted keyword around 6-7 times naturally. Never put them forcefully because it makes the content look spammy thus no one likes to read that thus no engagement thus lesser trust in Google which causes low ranking.

There are many other On page things which can be used to optimize the web pages of your website. I will discuss them in detail in later blog posts.

How to Do Off Page SEO?

Off page optimization mainly includes link building, post sharing on social media sites and link exchanges.

  • You can post articles in article submission websites including your links within the article.
  • You can use Guest blogging to get back links.
  • You can exchange links with similar niche websites.
  • You can do social bookmark submissions on bookmark sites.
  • You can do Directory submissions in order to get back links.
  • You can share your posts on Facebook, twitter, G+ and other social sites.

There are a lot of ways in which you can build links for your website. Backlinks are important because as many quality backlinks your website have, the trust factor in Google and other search engines improves which helps the website rank well.

But above mentioned off site strategies are not working like they did work in the past because Google rolled out many algorithms to fight with spam. One being Penguin which puts penalty on the website which aggressively build links especially when they use same anchor texts everywhere.

In the past SEOs were able to make any kind websites rank by building thousands of spam links even they had thin or duplicate content. Due to this when a user search for something they get only those websites which have built tons of links not those sites which actually are the good ones. The reason they were not ranking was they never did SEO.

Therefore Google Rolled out many algorithms to make user experience better by showing them the authentic and good sites only and make the SEO less valuable.

Now, the websites which has good content, overall good website structure, fast loading speed and have some quality and authoritative links pointing to them, get good ranking in Google specially.

Therefore, whenever you start doing SEO for your website keep these things in mind and also at the time of building backlinks make sure you use different anchor texts or no anchor texts on different websites.

Always try to make your links look natural as much as you can. They should not look like you have built them rather they should look like natural links which are added as reference by the author of that page.

Just keep one thing in mind that you should not leave any trace for Google that you are actually building backlinks and you are good to go. I will talk more over this topic as well in upcoming articles.

That?s it for now! I will write more detailed articles on SEO Topic. Hope you will enjoy reading them.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


    • Thank you Shaily for visiting my blog, SEO is definitely important, Everyone should try to understand the basics of SEO to improve their blog visibility to search engines..

      Thank You,

  1. Hey great write up man. Its so simply described that the noob like me understood the concept. Looking forward for next chapters of SEO. Thanks Mukesh.

    • Thank You Rahul. Keep visiting this blog, i will be covering SEO basics to advance level..


  2. Hi Mukesh,
    just stopped here randomly and thought okay let me leave and then this article came into my notice. Let me tell you its a detailed guide without any hard gimmicks complete for an outsider to understand SEO too.

    Well done buddy. Rock it up. 🙂
    Sharing it on my FB page 🙂

    • Thank you Swadhin and as you know SEO is one topic everyone wants to understand to improve their blog visibility hence decided to cover this topic from basics to advanced level.


  3. Hi Mukesh,
    nice post introducing the basics of SEO.
    Hopefully, this would be useful for new bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank You Erik for visiting my blog, i am happy that the post is informative. Keep visiting the blog.


    • Thank you Pradeep for visiting my blog and i am happy to know this post is helpful for you.
      Keep visiting this blog.


  4. Hi Mukesh,

    You’ve crafted this post in a nice manner, good!

    I’d say that the SEO plays a vital role in blogging or any online business that seeks traffic from search engines for the targeted keywords. Taking care of on-page SEO is imperative to grab high SERP.

    Google and other search engines keep on changing their algorithms and thus we need to work smartly to get organic traffic. We should do the keyword research according to our audience needs, but the keywords shouldn’t be stuffed in the content.

    Where we are placing the keywords matters a lot and including the LSI keywords would help the search engines to understand our content well. I still need to learn a lot of SEO tactics to perform well on search engines.

    I’m happy that my 90% of traffic is organic as I do care of SEO a lot. Thanks for writing this comprehensive post for the novice bloggers and webmasters have a great Sunday 🙂

    • Hello Nirmala,

      Thank you for visiting this blog, Yes, what you mentioned about SEO is brilliant and this is what exactly every bloggers should target.
      Keep visiting my blog..


  5. Clear explanation Mukesh! Every blogger should know how SEO work what kind of tags is important on page optimization plays an important role in SEO… if on the page is not perfect how much off optimization you do your site or blog does show in the google first page.. Thanks for sharing.. Expecting more from you mate..

    • Thank you Charan for visiting my blog, Every blogger should understand SEO to bring in visibility of their blogs to search engines.


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