Apple Pay ? Mobile Shopping Was Never This Easy

Apple Pay ? Mobile Shopping Was Never This Easy

Apple is a market leader when it comes to manufacturing Smartphones and gadgets. The Apple iPhone series and the iPads are among the most widely used electronic items in the world today. However, Apple is not only about manufacturing gadgets alone. The company has done a lot of research in the mobile shopping field as well and has recognized the need for a digital wallet that can help the users in making payments for their mobile purchases without having to give away their credit or debit card numbers. The Apple Pay is among the latest services introduced by the tech giant which has become a hit in a relatively short period of time.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is basically a digital wallet that can be used for making payments for the items purchased via Apple devices namely the iPhone series. It allows users to make payments both at retail and online checkouts. This service makes use of the NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna and allows the Apple devices to communicate with the point of sale systems wirelessly. The service was launched in October last year and is compatible with the newly released Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple watch. People who are still using iPhone 5 can use this service through the Apple watch.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a very smart service which resembles the Metro PCS payment service launched by T-Mobile. It offers a number of exciting benefits to the Apple users. The following are some of the benefits that can be availed by making use of this service.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay









Convenience is definitely an advantage that Apple Pay offers to the users. It gives them the chance to make payments easily whenever they want without having to even take out their credit cards. For instance, in restaurants, you will be able to decide when you want to pay the bill and do not have to wait for the waiter or waitress to come and pick your bill. So, the next time you go to your favorite restaurant that offers this service then use your Apple iPhone 6 to make the payment and see for yourself how convenient it is.


Security is also among the major factors why people are becoming so fond of this Apple service. Since the service does not requires the users to give their credit card numbers for making purchases, there is no way that this sensitive financial information is going to get into wrong hands. Thus, shopping with your iPhone 5 is much safe when you are using this particular digital wallet service offered by Apple.

Gift Cards

Since the service is still in its infancy stage, the banks are pushing for it and many gift cards are being offered to the customers for making use of this service. Thus, it is an additional incentive for Apple users to start making use of this service.

So, if you are a fan of the Metro PCS payment service then you are going to love the Apple Pay as well.

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