What is Content Marketing? 7 Best Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing is a marketing approach that involves the creation and distribution of valuable content consistently to promote your product or business. Just like other marketing tactics, the ultimate goal of content marketing is to make a profit.

Content Marketing is actually an art that is used to communicate with the customers without directly pitching them for selling your products and services. In lieu of pitching for sales, you write and share the valuable content with important information that helps your customers learn more about your product and related stuff. By doing this, you educate them and brand yourself, and gradually you will notice that people start trusting you, and ultimately your business starts making more profit.

In this blog post, I am going to list 7 best content marketing tools that you can use to do better marketing.

1. Grammarly

Though Grammarly is grammar checker and proofreader tool, I have kept this in the list of content marketing tools because your content marketing strategies can succeed only if your content is error-free.

And, to ensure your content is error-free, Grammarly is the best tool to use. Yes, you can find out small and big mistakes in your content copy quickly using this tool, and also it offers vocabulary suggestions to improve the content further.

2. Alltop

Alltop is a website where you can see feeds of various blogs listed. Bloggers submit their blog on this site, and once approved their feed starts showing like this:


Blog’s name and their latest five blog posts display there. You can also submit your blog to syndicate your content on Alltop for better promotion. However, I consider this website as an awesome place to find out the great content ideas.

It is one of the best content marketing tools in my opinion for generating great blog post ideas.

3. Canva

When we say content, that doesn’t mean only the text but the visual as well. A mixture of text and visual content makes the overall content better and attractive.

Canva is an excellent tool for creating professional looking graphics for including in your articles. You don’t need any designing skills to create such nice looking graphics using Canva. All you need to do is to drag and drop. There is a broad range of colors, icons, shapes, and fonts that you can use to make the graphic even more attractive.

4. Slideshare

As the name says, Slideshare is a slide hosting website where you can upload your slides. The website receives more than 60 Million visitors every month.

You can repurpose your content by making their PPT, and upload on Slideshare.  It is an awesome content marketing tool for content distribution and promotion.

You can actually promote your website or products by creating and uploading various PPTs on it.

5. Google Keyword Planner


You can use this tool to get profitable keywords that you can use in your content to make it more searchable in search engines. You can get a lot of ideas of keywords that help you create awesome content using those keywords which people actually search.

6. Hubspot Topic Generator

One of the best content marketing tools is the one that helps you generate content ideas because it is the toughest part in my opinion.

Hubspot’s Topic Generator is a tool in which if you feed keywords, it instantly displays many topic ideas to you.


Just fill the keywords in the text boxes as shown above, and you will get a list of topics quickly. I just entered SEO, Blogging, and Traffic. Now look at the ideas it presented.


Isn’t it an awesome tool that gives the result instantly?

7. HootSuite

HootSuite is the social media management tool that offers you manage your social media accounts from one single dashboard. You can schedule the postings on various social media accounts of yours.

It is included in the content marketing tools because it is the best tool for content distribution on autopilot. You just need to schedule the posts, and postings will be done automatically.

Final Words

Content marketing is very important for building a good brand for your business, and it is great for communication with your customers and audience as well.

Content Marketing tools make your content marketing strategies more effective.

I hope you liked my list of content marketing tools. Share your ideas in comments.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. These are some awesome tools I found here. Content marketing is one of the best way to build long term promotional techniques. Thanks for sharing them here.

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