5 Best Laptops for Personal Use

Gone are the days when we used to have a desktop computer that we could use only when we are at home. It is the age of Laptop, Tabs, and Smartphones that keeps us connected to The Internet wherever we go.

My favorite gadget is Laptop among all. Not only the internet, but I can do various tasks like doing some image editing using Photoshop, create a doc, excel files, and many other things.

I have been using computers for more than eight years now and have used different laptops. Few were too good, and few were not. I have a good sense and experience that I can evaluate whether a blog is good or not.

I have prepared a list of 5 best laptops for personal use:

1. Dell Inspiron 3542 Notebook – 31,990 INR

Dell Inspiron 3542 Notebook

Dell has been my favorite brand since the beginning because I love its performance as well as elegant design. Dell Inspiron 3542 Notebook offers 4 GB RAM along with 1 TB Hard Disk and that too at an affordable price. It is powered by 4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor.


Processor – 1.7 GHz Intel Core, 4th Gen i3
Hard Disk – 1 TB
Weight – 2.4 kg
RAM – 4 GB
Display – 15.6 Inch
Battery backup – 5 Hours.

2. Lenovo G50-70 – 34,000 INR

Lenovo G50-70

Though Dell has been my most favorite brand for laptops, Lenovo is good too as many of my friends are using it, and they are quite satisfied with it.

Lenovo G50-70 is one of the best laptops when it comes to cost and efficiency. Low cost yet great performance. It is powered by 4th Generation 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3 processor.


Processor – 1.7 GHz Intel Core, 4th Gen i3
Hard Disk – 1 TB
Weight – 2.5 kg
RAM – 4 GB
Display – 15.6 Inch
Battery backup – 4 Hours.

3. Asus X552CL-SX019D – 28,990 INR

Asus X552CL-SX019D

Asus is rapidly growing in the laptop marketing by offering low-cost laptops with good performance as it boasts 1.8 GHz processor. When it comes to laptops for personal use, Asus X552CL-SX019D can be a good choice to make as it is affordable along with awesome specifications.


Processor – 1.8 GHz Intel Core, 4th Gen i3
Hard Disk – 500 GB
Weight – 2.23 kg
Display – 15.6 Inch
Battery backup – 3 hours

4. Acer E5-573 Notebook – 30,999 INR

Acer E5-573 Notebook

I have used Acer laptop for two years, and the performance was great, and no heating issues at all. Thus, I can recommend this brand as well. One of the good laptop by this brand is Acer E5-573 Notebook that boasts 500 GB HDD along with 4 GB DDR3 RAM. It is powered by 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5 that clearly tells that how is the performance.


Processor – 5th Generation, 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5
Hard Disk – 500 GB
Weight – 3.4 kg
Display – 15.6 Inch
Battery backup – 5 hours.

Users who have bought this laptop say that battery charging takes a little longer, and adapter’s wire is short. But, these things are not the big factors, and you can surely go for this laptop.

5. Dell Vostro 14 V3446 Notebook – 35, 500 INR

Dell Vostro V3446 14-Inch Laptop

I have started the list with Dell, and ending with Dell again because the company has the great laptops in its store than any other brands. For personal use, most of us want to get affordable laptops and not the high-end ones. And, at the same time, we want performance as well. Dell Vostro 14 V3446 Notebook is the perfect combination of being an affordable laptop as well as its performance is quite good. It is equipped with 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3, 4th Gen processor that is quite good for personal use. Also, it is very lightweight as well which is good as carrying this is no tough job.


Processor – 4th Generation, 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3
Hard Disk – 500 GB
Weight – 2.04 kg
Display – 14 Inch
Battery backup – 4 hours.


This is my list of 5 best laptops for personal use. As we always want affordable things when it comes to personal use, I have listed one of the most affordable laptops which deliver good performance as well.

I am sure you would love these laptops, and would like to get one for your personal use.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Awesome list I must say, Mukesh.

    My first laptop was of Acer, and it was quite great. My second laptop was Dell and thats what I am using currently. I have good experience with both. I am happy that you haven’t listed HP laptops as I don’t like theme because two of my friends bought, and within a year they faced problems.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Atish,

      Good that you loved the post. I am in love with Dell. Nice to know that you have used acer and dell as well.

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