5 Best Live Sports Streaming Websites

Few Days ago, I wrote an article about the best movie streaming sites and I have also written about apps for live cricket commentary. Today, I have another post to share on the similar topic.

Many sports lovers are not satisfied just by commentary rather they want to watch the matches live. If you are one of those sports lovers, this post is certainly for you because I am going to share 5 best live sports streaming websites that you can use to watch your favorite matches online.

At times, you may not have the access to your TV or your favorite match might not be telecasted on it, then such live sports streaming websites come into use. I have faced such type of situation while I was working in a company. There we didn’t have TV of course, so I used few live streaming websites to watch matches though I had to tolerate few commercials.

Much talk already, lets have a look on the list of 5 best sports streaming websites below:

1. Stream2Watch

It is one of my most favorite sites for watching my favorite sports other than cricket. I haven’t seen any cricket videos there, but it’s great if you enjoy watching Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, etc.

Just go to the homepage, and click on Live Sports, and you will see a long list of videos of matches. You just need to click on Watch Now in order to watch the match.


And, it is completely free. You may see ad pop-ups that may irritate you but when a site avails premium stuff for free, they show such pop-up ads to make some money. So, if you can tolerate such ads, this is the best site to watch sports live.

2. FromHot

FromHot is a great site for live sports streaming for a long list of sports matches. You can find live streaming videos of Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports and a few others. You can watch all of them for free. No charges! However, you have to tolerate those ad pop-ups on this website too.


You can change the time-zone as well as per your geographic location to see the correct time of the matches as per your location.

3. WatchESPN


It is available for the users who stay in the USA. And, also, they can watch only if they have subscribed to a cable package from a cable provider. ESPN is a big name already, so you can imagine the video quality and all. Almost all sports matches are being streamed on WatchESPN.

4. StreamWoop


This is my favorite site in terms of the look and feel because like other streaming sites, its homepage is not cluttered and offers a good user experience.

You can choose various sports category on the Home Page to see the matches in that category. Apart from this, on the top, there are live videos listed which are trending. Basketball, Baseball, Football, Boxing, Racing, Soccer, Tennis, and few other sports videos you can find on this website.

5. BatmanStream


This is also a nice live sports streaming website for watching various sporting events and matches live. The home page is nice, and not cluttered with so many items. You need to choose and click on the game of your choice, and you will see the list of videos. Click and watch. Simple!

Wrapping up

Most of the people love sports, and they love to watch the matches when their favorite team plays. Finding all sports match telecast on TV is not possible, so these above-mentioned live sports streaming websites come into use.

I hope I have listed enough. Enjoy these sites to watch your favorite sports live.

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