8 Best SEO tools for SEO Experts

SEO has been the most talked topic in the internet marketing industry because it is the one that ensures better organic traffic to your website. And, you might know that organic traffic is the best traffic source that actually converts.

Nowadays, technology has improved a lot, and there are tools and apps for almost every type of work. And, so for SEO, there are tons of SEO tools that you can use to improve your work efficiency and quality.

In this post, I am going to share 8 best SEO tools that you must use as an SEO Expert:

1. Long Tail Pro (LTP)

Keyword research is the starting point of SEO because until you have searchable keywords on your blog, it is tough for you to show up your website on top of search pages with those high searchable keywords.

long tail pro

LTP is an excellent keyword research software which includes the power of Google Keyword Planner and Majestic SEO link index. It gets data from both of these and gives us a final data in the form of local search, global search, keyword competitiveness of each keyword.

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Since Google keyword planner doesn’t give us organic competition of each keyword, LTP is the right choice for keyword research.

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2. SEMRush

SEMRush is a superb tool for keyword research. It is the best-rated tool when it comes to competitor analysis. You just need to enter your competitors’ links in the tool, and it will show each and every keyword they rank for.


You can then analyze their link profiles, and all. What else you need? You can then make plans of beating your competitors in search as you have all the details.

This is a must have tools for SEO experts to beat the competition.

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3. Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

Google Search Console is a pretty good tool for SEOs and webmasters. You can go to Search Traffic => Search Analytics to see which keywords your site is appearing on Google search. You can also see the ranking position.

search console

Based on the ranking, you can accordingly give some more attention to those keywords and try to improve the ranking of your website for them.

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4. Google Page Speed Tool

Since Google included page load time as ranking signal in its search algorithms, it’s always a good choice to keep an eye on your site’s loading time. And, time to time, improve it by doing some tweaks. Google Page Speed Tool is the best tool to find out the page load time, and it also suggests how to improve loading time.

google page speed

So, being an SEO, you must use this tool.

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5. Ahrefs


There is no better tool for link analysis than Ahrefs. It’s very simple to use. It has huge link index which gets updated every day. You can keep any eye on your competitors’ link profiles using this. It also display lost backlinks which are there in past but now removed.

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6. Majestic SEO

Quite similar to Ahrefs, it is yet another link analysis tool. It has huge link index, and recently Long Tail Pro tool started to use its link index for calculating keyword competitiveness. Before, they were using Moz’s link index. This clearly tells how big its link index is.


Citation Flow and Trust Flow properties are quite good ones that help us find out which backlinks are flowing more trust to our site.

It is again a must use SEO tool for SEO experts.

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7. Woorank


Woorank is an awesome online tool that you must use it to see your website on site analysis quickly. You just need to go to its website and enter your site’s URL. It will display the reports in just a few seconds with suggestions as well. You must try this tool for quick on-site analysis.

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8. Check My Links


Check My Links Chrome Extension is a superb tool to find out broken links on opened web page. If you are into broken link building, this tool is going to help. I strongly recommend this to find out broken link opportunities.

Install Check My Links Chrome Extension


SEO is something that you cannot ignore if you want to stand in the online competition. Thus, using such tools is crucial as they make things easier for you.

Hope you have enjoyed the list. Share your opinion in comments.

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