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Cyber security is the red hot topic nowadays. With most of the financial dealings now taking place on the internet, it is only logical that people are concerned whether their private information remains confidential or not. There have been many security measures employed by online retailers and organizations to provide assurance to their customer regarding the safety and confidentiality of their financial information. However, the rising rate of cybercrime suggests whatever we are doing to thwart the threat of the hackers is not nearly enough and there is much more to be done for ensuring fool-proof IT security. The following is a look at the cybercrime trends 2015 to see what this year has in store for us in terms of online security threats.

Increment in Targeted Attacks

For the past many years, there has been a marked increase in the number of targeted attacks. This trend is most likely to continue in 2015 as well. Targeted attacks are also termed as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and usually attack a selected target instead of attacking a random one. The threat posed by this type of attack to the cyber security of a company or organization is far greater than that posed by traditional cyber-attacks. The reason for this is that they remain silent and try to go unnoticed for a longer period of time.

Online Payment Systems to be under Siege

One particular cybercrime that is going to become a bigger problem for the online community this year is that of hacking of the online payment systems. The increase in the use of digital wallets for purchasing items online has attracted the attention of the cybercriminals and they will surely going to target these online payment systems more frequently in 2015. The traditional point of sale systems will also be under siege and malware authors will continue to try and breach their security by using different POS malware like Dexter or JacksPOS.

Malware and Ransomware








Malware is an IT security threat that people have grown used to but the ransomware is a new type of cyber espionage that is considered by many as the threat to dominate the internet security discussions for many years to come. According to the security predictions 2015 made by online security professionals all over the globe, stopping ransomware and attack of malware on online currencies like Bitcoin is going to be a top priority for online businesses.

Hacking of Internet of Things

Internet of Things has become a bit of a buzz words in the online industry. It is the name given to the trend of connecting different device to the internet like home appliances, cars and even home security systems. These things are also going to be targeted by the cybercriminals this year and if security predictions 2015 are to be believed, hacking of smart TVs, cars and even Google glass is not a fictional thing anymore.

All in all, the coming year is not going to be any different when it comes to cyber espionage. The cybercrime trends 2015 clearly point towards another year fraught with online security threats of all kinds.

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