Drones and use of drones for retail product delivery


Drone is also known as octocopter is a simple animated air craft. We can easily trace its origin in military. The very first radio controlled aircraft was used in the thirties in order for a practice by Royal Marines. That reusable aircraft is considered to be the earliest incarnation that is used worldwide nowadays. In today?s world, drones are not only used for military purpose but also for many other purposes. Many companies used drones but these drones are of smaller version. According to Google and Amazon, they are trying to develop drones that can deliver parcels. On the other hand, Facebook is also trying to develop a drone that could carry internet signals to different remote areas.

Use of drones for retail product delivery

There could be several uses of drones for retail product delivery. Amazon is world?s largest online retailer and is testing drones for delivering goods and products to customers. Chief executive of Amazon named Jeff Bezos revealed this news recently. Such drones could easily deliver goods and products to the customers within the deadline of 30 minutes. These drones can deliver packages of 2.3 kilo gram weight. It is mentioned by him that it could easily take up to 5 or 6 years for this service to start. U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not approve for the usage of these unmanned drones for this kind of purpose. The name ?Prime Air? will be given to this service by Amazon.

Future of drones

As we all know about the common use of drones but did any one of you think of its future? Did you ever think of a drone that works for a domestic purpose? Yes you read absolutely right. The future of drones is very vivid and sparkling. At present time FAA has a strict ban on any kind of commercial or domestic use. But still there is a hope that in future FAA gives its approval in this regard. And after that approval we can do endless tasks with the help of small version drones

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