Futurist Predictions and Impact of Technology on Our World

Futurist Predictions about the Impact of Technology on Our World

Future is unknown and no one can accurately predict what is going to happen in future. This lack of accurate knowledge about future is one of the most important factors behind innovation and creative venture. Though humans have always improved their tools and technology from one generation to the next, that rate of change has never been as impressive as it has been in the last century and especially the last decade. With each and every passing day, the impact of technology on the way we live and interact with others is increasing. Here we look at the latest technology news and some futurist predictions that are most relevant to the way we will live in the future.

Artificial Personal Assistants

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A lot of work has been done on artificial personal assistants by a number of technological companies. The latest attempt on such assistants was SIRI made by Apple. The future holds artificial personal assistants that can have a conversation with us, book our appointments, communicate on our behalf and can even represent us on the internet. Artificial intelligence will enable these artificial personal assistants to learn our preferences and behaviors and even know our needs in advance.

3D Printers in Homes

The future in which almost every home would have a 3D printer is not very far. With such devices in every home, the usual way of manufacturing will take a hit. Companies would charge for providing specs of their products but open source availability of a number of designs and products will make 3D printing of almost anything possible at home. It will enable us to print anything from electronic gadgets to robots to almost anything we can imagine.

3D printed human organs

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Another field where 3D printing is going to have a remarkable impact is healthcare. In no more than a decade from now, 3d printed human organs would be a reality. As and when this happens, it will boost human life expectancy as there would be no need for donor organs and matching issues. It is highly probable that by the second half of this century all human organs would be printable.

?The advent of true artificial intelligence

Today computers cannot think the same way as humans can. The advent of quantum computing can pave the way for true artificial intelligence, because of the power of such computing machines.

Mind Reading

A number of researchers around the world are working on mind reading. The day is not far when people would be able to read the mind of others by using devices which are able to decode what the other person is thinking. Such devices would work by reading electrical activity of the brain. This breakthrough in the field of neuroscience is both amazing and frightening. On one hand it can help a number of patients and when done with consent can allow better communication. On the other hand it can allow for the hacking of our innermost thoughts and fears by others who can then use it to exploit us.

The above futurist predictions are about technologies that will mostly affect our lives. Following technology news will keep you informed about how technology is evolving and shaping our world.


Technology is quickly changing our world with each passing day. Futurist predictions about technology indicate that our lifestyles will continue to improve thanks to the advances made in every field of science.

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