5 Gadgets for Kids

No matter how old you are, gadgets will surely amaze you. When it comes to gadgets for kids, there is a large number of gadgets available in the market. There was a time when video games were considered as the best gadget which can be used by kids but, the time has been changed and so has the technology. Now, you can easily get cool gadgets for your kids. All you need to do is some research on the basis of the choice of your kid. Although, there are many gadgets which are loved by almost all kids and in this post, we are going to share top 5 gadgets for kids which are as:

1. PlayStation 4

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

If you are looking for that cool gadget for kids, PlayStation 4 is the best choice for you. It is an awesome combination of video gaming and technology. It offers better graphics and much better gaming experience. It is said that video games helps a lot in development of kid?s mental stability. It is video game which helps them in developing a habit of trying again and again. This cool gadget is easily available on all major online shopping stores. It can be brought from Amazon at a price of $398 only.

2. Xbox One



There is no doubt in the fact that Xbox One is a complete entertainment product. Thanks to its Kinect system that it is possible to switch from one application to another just with a voice command. This gadget will be surely loved by the kids as it offers sensor gaming which means you can play games by actually waving your hands and by using gestures.


3. Kidizoom Smart Watch

kidizoom Smart Watch

kidizoom Smart Watch

If you thought that smart watches are not made for kids, then you need to think again. Kidizoom by VTech is a smart watch which is designed especially for children ages 6-12. This watch boasts of a 1.4 inch color touch screen display which offers twenty different watch faces for kids to swap out. Apart from that, it also includes a camera with video recording supporter, three educational games and a voice recorder. There is support for USB point too which allows parents and child to transfer photos and video to a PC. It costs only $49.99.


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

It is one of the best tablets for kids and definitely the best gadget for kids. It is a 7 inch tablet with a display of 1024×768 pixels. It is equipped with a highly modified Android user interface and comes with many preloaded entertainment and educational apps for kids. The best part about this tab is that it has an orange rubber bumper on it for better protection.


5. Leapfrog Leapband

 leapfroge band

leapfroge band

This is one of its own kinds of gadget which is designed for children ages 4-7. The main aim of this gadget is to control the obesity problem among kids. This gadget encourages kids to remain active. It works like an activity tracker which uses educational and fun games for promoting healthy habits. Kids can choose any of the pet from the list of 8 different pets. The gadget costs only $39.99 and is easily available on Amazon.
Gone are the days when it was considered that technology is not beneficial for kids. Technology has evolved in such a beautiful was that now it can act both as a source of entertainment and knowledge for kids. This was all about top 5 awesome gadgets for kids. Do let us know which one you liked the most.

Mukesh Annamalai

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  1. When we were kids there were nothing like these advanced gadgets. Ha ha ha and thus our childhood was spend playing cricket, kabaddi and all.

    But it looks great that the new generation is having high tech gadgets from very beginning.

  2. Agreed with Mr. Atish that the time we were kids there are a very few gadgets out there but nowadays there are a lot of high tech gadgets for kids even.

    Technology is really going great.

    • Thanks John, Kids nowadays learn from other kids when they notice what other kids are using and talking about. They also need the similar kind of gadget just to show they alao own.

  3. Nice post Mukesh 🙂

    Technology has improved a lot! Good to see these tech gadgets available for kids to play at their spare time. Playstation and Xbox are all-time favourite for children, I unaware of other gadgets which you’ve listed here. Thanks!

    I’m seeing your comment everywhere and like your passion in blogging. Keep publishing this kind of stuff.

    I’d wanna suggest you to add some good outbound links to get high SERP for the targeted keywords.

    Have a great week ahead!

    • Thank you Nirmala for your suggestions and appreciate your time in reading this post, Yes i am working on building outbound links, Keep visiting my blog and provide your valuable suggestions.


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