How I got my Google Adsense account approved?

Like every newbie blogger, the happiest day of my blogging life is the day on which I got my Google Adsense account fully approved!

I have applied a week before and within 24 hours, I got an email to install ad code on my blog which usually Google asks to install to track the impressions, click activity and other factors on the basis of which it either approves or disapproves the Adsense application.

adsense review

I added the code as instructed, and it was 7th June 2015 when I got another mail from Google, stating that my application has been approved and I can run ads on my blog. The whole process took 5 days only.

approved google adnsense account

Hurray! That is the best email I have ever gotten! 🙂 I know it is not easy to earn few dollars every day but the approval has motivated me so much and I am filled with so much of joy and positive energy.


Have to work harder than before! 🙂

Before I plunged into blogging, I was not aware about affiliate, Infolinks, and other monetization ways except Google Adsense. I read so many articles which talk about it, and I learnt that getting approved with Adsense takes time.

The very first thing we need to do is to build a good blog and then build traffic and engagement.

Therefore, with the vision of building a better blog, I have started techiegig.com, and from the day one, I have dreamt for getting approved for Adsense but that was too early to think about it. I needed to build the blog from scratch and make it good enough to comply with the Adsense TOS.

Here is the list of things I did to make a good blog with which I was able to get approved with Adsense:

Good Hosting: As I booked the domain, I had to get the web hosting which needs to be good enough to keep my blog available 24×7 with faster loading speed. I heard about many web hosting services but I thought to go with Godaddy and I am very happy with it as of now.

Loading speed of the blog must be good because only a faster loading blog can offer a good user experience to the readers. And this is important from Google?s point of view though it is not directly related to Adsense but if the user experience is good, your blog is in the good books of Google.

A responsive Theme: I chose WordPress CMS for creating the blog thus I needed a theme as well. I have chosen a responsive theme so that my blog can be readable on any device size whether desktop, mobile or tablets.

Again this is related to availability and user experience.

Adding important Pages on the blog: About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer are very important pages which you must add on the blog before applying for Adsense. I have added all of these pages.

Writing Quality Articles: I didn?t publish even a single low quality post. If you look at my articles, you will find each and every article is well explained and not plagiarized.

If your content is not good and plagiarized, your blog won?t be able to get approved.

Building Traffic and engagement on the blog: Because of posting quality articles, building traffic and engagement were not tough but still I needed work hard to build organic as well as referral traffic to the blog.

Publishing Enough content: Before applying for Adsense, always make sure to have enough content on the blog. At the time of applying, I had published more than 40 articles which means blog has enough content.

What All I have avoided?

I tried to avoid everything Google listed in the content guidelines on its program policy page. For the time being I have taken care of not having these on the blog:

  • Fake Traffic
  • Adult Content
  • Hacking materials
  • Violent content.

Read full list of program policies here. The good thing is my blog follows all the policies mentioned.

Let?s summarize all the things you need to get an Adsense account approved.

  1. Quality content
  2. Important pages
  3. Real Traffic
  4. Enough content [usually more than 30 blog posts]
  5. You need to be more than 18 Years old to apply.
  6. Around 5-6 months old blog. Though on the Eligibility page, 6 months is mentioned but you may apply even in the 4th or 5th month if your blog is having enough content which comply with its Policies. I got the approval in 5th

I had all the things on my blog which are required to have in order to be able to apply for Google Adsense. My blog doesn?t have anything that violates its Policies. Everything was good, so I applied and got approval within 1 week of applying.

My suggestion to all of you is to work on the blog first, make it better and read the Adsense policies before applying so that if there is anything wrong, you may correct it in prior.


That?s how I got my Adsense approved. I have followed the Adsense program policies and everything was happened positive.

Always focus on building a good blog and then think for monetization. I have worked first for 5 months and waited patiently, and the result is in front of you. Just in the very first attempt, I got an approved Adsense account.

Share your stories how you got your Adsense approved. I would love to hear from you.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Hi Mukesh,

    I know how it feels to get the adsense account when you start blogging. I have similar story though I got approval for adsense with a blogspot blog. But the happiest moment was when I got the cheque of 10,000 INR as my first payment from Google Adsense.

    I am sure you will be minting so much cash from Google 🙂

    • Thank you Atish, i know.how difficult getting adsense approved at first attempt. Thanks for all your guidance.


  2. Congrats Mukesh for getting your Adsense approved. Happy Blogging and happy earning also

    • Thanks Justin, getting adsense is like completing one milestone..


  3. Hello Mukesh !!

    Congrats that you got your adsense account approved ! Well google also checks out some pages such as privacy policy , contact us , about us etc . So one should also place such pages to their blogs !

    This makes a huge difference ..
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us !

    Happy Blogging !

    • Thanks Nikhil for visiting this post, yes as you rightly said i followed tips from my good friend blogger Atish(techtricksworld.com) and waited till i develop quality content and pages. Got it in first attempt. Now i need to focus more on getting visitors to monetize it.


  4. wow! I am also waiting for the day to happen and get Adsense approved. I have tried two times but didn’t get approved and got disappointed. But after reading your article I am again hopeful. Nice article! 🙂

    • Thanks Sonam for visiting.this post , yes please try again with all these tips and i am sure you will get it. My best wishes.


  5. Party Time Mukesh, Congratz many!

    I know that hard work pays off and involvement too.

    Thanks for sharing your journey in getting Adsense and yes, it is a nice way to make some decent bucks. To make huge income from Adsense, it would be good to focus on getting search engine traffic.

    Good to know that you’ve followed great strategies to get the approval from Adsense. Yes, of course, we must be genuine everywhere to get good things in return.

    I really like your summarization idea of consolidating the key things at the end of the post, I’ll try to implement for my blog post.

    Here, I want to tell that I got my Adsense approved for a single article on “Child Adoption” within 2 hours after applying in the year 2009.

    My best wishes to earn more with Adsense, never click your ads!

    Have a good day ahead.

    • Thank you Nirmala, i was very positive of getting Adsense in first attempt. I focused more on making everything perfect before applying for Adsense account and yes it clicked. Yes, getting traffic is my focus now to generate income. Thanks for all the support.


  6. thanks a lot for posting such an useful article article bro!! i love reading all your articles. Your tips for approving adsense is really very helpful and keep writing more useful articles 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting this post Aryan and glad you liked it.


  7. Congraulations mukesh ! i knew 3 months back got my adsense approved felt like you now its time the real work starts how to get more traffic concentrate and about this post all the points are really important navigation and theme also important should simple and loading time also of your site it all consider and dont rush check seo on page optimization is perfect or not, thanks for sharing your happy moments bro.. and all the best

    • Great comment Charan, Thanks for visiting this post. Everything you mentioned is spot on and yes i am working on getting traffic , SEO etc.


  8. Congratulations brother and feeling good about you. Just keep blogging and have a better monetisation methods.

    • Thanks Atul for visiting this post and glad you liked it. My focus now is more on getting good articles posted and getting traffic.


    • Thanks for visiting this post Dhiraj and glad you liked it, My best wishes for you to get your Adsense approved.


  9. Hi Mukesh,
    This post is really worth reading. Every blogger need to know about the Google policies before they apply to Google AdSense. As it is the greater medium to make money from a blog.
    Thanks buddy for sharing!
    Have a nice week ahead.

    • Thanks for visiting this post Saurabh and i am glad you liked it. Yes you rightly said Google AdSense is the greater medium to make money.


  10. Congratulations on your AdSense Approval…What do you think is the minimum traffic we should have before applying for AdSense.

    • Thank you Surya for visiting this post. I get very less traffic currently so I would not say we need high traffic for AdSense approval, whatever traffic we get it should be from genuine traffic source and focus on quality and required pages like contact, privacy etc.


  11. Well first of all I’d like to congratulate your for your success and I must say you must have done great hard work to get your adsense approved.


    • Thanks for visiting this post Samir, yes it required good planning before applying for the account.


  12. Hi Mukesh,

    Great to see your blog for the first time. Actually I found out this blog from the comment you posted in pvariel.com

    Congrats for getting your AdSense account approved.

    I will keep coming back to your blog.

    Have a great blogging journey ahead.


    Reji Stephenson

    • Thank you Reji for visiting this post and glad you liked it, Thanks for the wishes in getting AdSense.


  13. It’s good to hear that your Google Adsense account has been approved. Hope you will get more money in the next time with this account.

    • Thank you Alize for visiting this post and hope your wishes come true for me..!


  14. Hello,
    This is Basharath , I felt happy to see your Adsense story. I also just got my Adsense approved a week ago. I’m also happy.
    Keep posting such good stuff.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for visiting this post Basharath and congrats in getting your AdSense approval and happy earning..!


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