Google Glass ? Is it the new face of technology?

Google has been a pillar of innovation for the past many years in the field of technology. It has come up with a number of new technological advancements that have had a massive impact on our lives. It is Google?s constant strive to bring newer and better products and services to its users that has resulted in the creation of the Google glass. It is a wearable technology that gives you the chance to communicate with the internet through voice commands. Although it is in its experimental phase, it promises to be a great innovative device and the next step towards human-computer interaction. There are a number of benefits of Google glass that has made it a very popular gadget among the new generation.

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Making presentation is among the tasks that most people have trouble doing. With the help of Google glass, making presentations becomes a much easier task. The apps that are included in this remarkable gadget provide people with speaking problems the chance to perfect their presentations and help them in delivering them as well. You would no longer have to worry about forgetting anything as you will be able to view the notes while speaking and thus would have no trouble in remembering what you have to say next. Google glass tutorial shows that this feature is extremely easy to use as well.


Efficiency is another of the benefits of Google glass. The apps of this device help in optimizing the operations of a business company and can prove to be of immense value for its employees. It can be used in providing service training to the workforce so that they are able to get a handle on the customer experience. Moreover, Google glasses also offer the businesses the chance to come up with their own apps as well that can help them in improving their accuracy and efficiency and give them the chance to provide a better experience to their customers.


Google glasses have been found to be extremely beneficial for security purposes as well. For instance, the police department is considering using this new invention for recording the interactions with any suspected criminals in real time so that it can be used as proof against them. Moreover, the use of this device is also being considered by shop owners as well to record the commitments made by the customer at the time of the purchase of an item so that it can be used as proof in case an altercation occurs.

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Time Management

The Google glass tutorial shows that it can help businesses in time management of their employees as well. The amazing apps that have been designed so far for this device are capable of providing up-to-date information to the workers about their next assignments and the items remaining on their to-do list while they are performing a task. Thus, they would not have to even stop their work for consulting their Smartphones or diaries for knowing what tasks are remaining. Moreover, the apps also help in prioritizing the tasks as well depending on how urgent they are.

Thus, it is not that hard to see why Google glass is definitely the new face of technology and is going to help reshape the technological landscape for the better.


Google glass is an innovative gadget introduced by Google. It provides a number of benefits to businesses that are looking to utilize its boundless potential.

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  1. Google glass can make sign language obsolete overnight… People unable to speak can type out

    what they want to say and those unable to hear can read what was said from their glasses. What are you waiting for Google?

    • Thank you Melisa for reading my post, like you i am also eagerly waiting to get one for me..


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