How to be a Better Blogger?

If the headline of this post grabbed your attention, you must be a blogger who would like to be a better blogger, isn’t it? There are millions of bloggers available online but are all good enough to be followed? Of course not! Not all bloggers are good. I would like to suggest to all of my readers to follow only those bloggers who are good and trying to be even better. More than 2 millions blog posts are being published every day, but not all are good because not all are being written by better bloggers. In today?s post, I am going to show you few things that you must opt to be a better blogger. Read on: How to be a better blogger.



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1. Spend time creating great content

Being a blogger, you must:

  • Spend some quality time to research about the topic you are going to write.
  • Gather correct information from genuine sources.

Now, keep these as bases and start writing the blog post. Doing these is important because the content you write should be correct, factual and informative so that readers would love to read it. A better blogger is who provides the most awesome and the most informative content to his readers. Therefore, this is the very first and the most important steps to be a better blogger.

2. Spend more time on Branding

If you just write and publish, you are a normal blogger but to be a better blogger, you must spend some quality time to build a brand for you and your blog. You would probably have a question how to do branding? To build a brand:

  • Avoid sharing anything on your blog and focus on some particular niche and make your voice strong in the community.
  • You can make use of your Facebook Fan page to connect with your readers and communicate with them.
  • Send personalized newsletters to your audience.
  • Always ready to help others. It is always helpful to build a good brand in your community.
  • Run interesting contests and giveaways at regular intervals.
  • Start networking with fellow bloggers and your audience. Understand their taste, problems and help them accordingly.

3. Make a schedule for posting on your blog

Most of the bloggers don?t follow a schedule for posting articles on the blog, but you must follow this because when you publish with schedule, your blog looks more consistent. To be a better blogger, this is one of the tips that you must follow.

4. Reply to the queries and comments on your blog on regular basis

When you publish an article on your blog, your readers might ask you few questions or appreciate you for your efforts, or they can even give some valuable feedback. So your duty is to reply to all the queries and comments in order to be in the good books of your readers as well as to help them with their queries. Don?t get upset when a reader gives you some feedback rather take them positively and improve in that area.

5. Don?t Forget SEO and marketing

Doing above mentioned things, make you a better blogger in the eyes of your readers and fellow bloggers. Now you have to be in the good books of Google as well, and also you need to do marketing to spread your content all over the web to reach maximum number of people. You should know the SEO strategies that can help you generate traffic to your blog, and also you need to be smart enough to market every post in a way that it reaches huge number of audience which in turn maximize the traffic.

6. Plan for next blog posts

Make a plan for at least next five blog posts in advance because getting content ideas is one of the most challenging things a blogger faces. Thus, it is important to plan for few next blog posts in advance so you could write the best content. If you don?t have the plan and you don?t have anything in mind to write, then in that case you might write something that doesn?t go well. Therefore, planning is important to maintain the flow and consistency of the blog.

7. Edit your older Articles

This is not applicable for bloggers who are expert writers but a blogger like me who has learnt gradually, makes many mistakes in his earlier published content thus it is important to edit the older ones and add more value as well as correct the mistakes if there are any. editing older articles is one of the traits of a better blogger so to be a better blogger start working on this from today.

8. Keep experimenting new things

To grow well, you need to experiment new things be it related to your blog design or be it related to content type. Try to add new things to your sidebar and keep it for few days and see if you are noticing any benefits. Then again change something else and notice. This way, you will come to know which are elements you need to keep in your blog?s sidebar, blog?s footer and at other places. Also, try doing experiments with colour combinations and design of the blog, then ask your friends for feedback. Consider their feedback and work on them. These things help you build a better looking blog that is one of the qualities of better bloggers as they work to improve their blog overall. Not just the design or content.

Final words

You have read few things to do in order to be a better blogger. As I mentioned in the post, a better blogger doesn?t only work on one part rather he considers all parts of blogging and work well to make his blog an awesome place of information and great write ups.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Hi Mukesh,

    All the points are spot on! You rightly pointed that blogging is all about experimenting and finding out what works. If something works for others won’t work for us. So, it (Blogging) is all about coming up with new strategies and finding out what works.

    I landed on this post by following a link shared by Atish. Thank you.

    – Rohan Chaubey.

    • Thank you Rohan for your time in visiting this post, i am trying to make this blog go viral and hence focusing more on content.


    • Thank You Atish for visiting this post, yes what you said is absolutely right. It takes great effort to build a meaningful blog.


  2. As always great advice right now I am working on the SEO part becuase it really confused but I know that it will be useful in the end

    • Thank you Melisa for your comments and visiting this post.


  3. Hi Mukesh
    You are absolutely right. Blogging is all about experimenting with different things. As readers are the backbone of any blog, we must pay emphasis on their suggestions, queries or thoughts. Networking is really important to project your opinion. Be always helpful to every blogger. Ya, great content is always appreciatied.
    Thanks Mukesh for these wonderful post. I am glad I came to know about your blog as Nirmala Ma’am shared this post on facebook

    • Thank you Yatin Khulbe for visiting this post, I am glad you liked this post and also thanks for your comments, Blogging is definitely an art, it takes lot of time to master this art..


  4. I got this post on storify and I came here to read the full post. Good stuff Mukesh. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Thank you Shivam for visiting this post, I am glad you liked this article. Thank you so much for your comments.


  5. Hi Mukesh,

    I am glad I found this post. being a blogger is an easy thing but becoming a better blogger looks so tough to me but the path shown in this article looks to be promising.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Shaily Sharma,

      Thank you for visiting this post, I am glad to know this post is informative for you and thanks for your comments.


  6. Thanks for sharing, the above is really nice article of how being become a better bloggers. Actually, blogging is more than writing, and if you want to be a good bloggers, you have to do many.

    I agree with what you mention above. To become a better bloggers, you have to spend for build community with other people in area of your interest. You have know about suing social media, and blog comment for interact with others.

    This the first visiting, and I may not much comment over here, but I want you to know that I love your blog.

    Have nice day..

    • Hi Kumsea Sok,
      Thank you for visiting this blog, you rightly said about building community with other bloggers is the most important part to be a successful blogger.

      Thanks for your comments


  7. Hi Atish,
    To be a better blogger, we need to take better steps in our blogging journey. Yes, I agree with your tips as shared in the above post. Spending more time on branding and experimenting on new things are key tips to become a better bloggers.
    At the end of the day, becoming a better blogger is all adding more value to the readers and the search engines!
    I left this comment in kingged.com as well.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for visiting this post and for your valuable comments.


    • Thank you Mani for visiting this post and glad you liked it.


  8. Hi Mukesh!

    Interesting topic!

    Becoming a better blogger is being responsible for the tasks and duties that a blogger should really do.

    Maintaining or leveraging the blogs performance is a must. Providing high quality posts for readers, taking care of SEO and marketing, keeping the communication going with your followers and visitors, planning ahead of time, scheduling your posts, and social media marketing are some of the things to do. There’s a lot to do and all of them are vital to be taken care of.

    Passion, enthusiasm, right frame of mind and accurate knowledge would make a blogger become better.

    Awesome article and great reminder!

    • Hi Metz,
      Thank you for visiting this blog and glad you liked it. Yes , what you mentioned about passion, Enthusiasm is absolutely right and every blogger needs that, Thank you for your comments as well..


  9. This is a great post. I really like the one where you say try to keep planning for the next article. I think that is important and will help you with time constraints. You only have 24 hours in a day and you must utilize every minute if you want to be more successful. Coming up with regular blog post ideas can be challenging, but when you constantly jot down new ideas and organize them, it will make your life a lot easier. You must also spend the time writing this content to the best of your ability.

    • Thank You Lawrence Berry for visiting this post, Glad you liked this post and yes it is definitely challenging in coming up with new post , i am focusing more on quality than quantity of post.


  10. Blogging is not a day job as a new blogger thought its very easy once i stepped in oh gosh ! its a big ocean they are lot of things to do .above points are really the qualities should have to be a good blogger . more over need lot of patience and knowledgeable content should have on your blog for that we should spend lots of time . thanks for sharing a valuable post to fellow bloggers

    • Thanks Charan for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Yes you said it right. blogging is a big ocean and either we put all our efforts to make it right or we get swallowed..


  11. Hello Mukesh,

    This is an helpful post indeed for all newbie like me in this blogosphere. I agree with all your points and will surely make at a daily dose of work. U mentioned about the older post updates, i think even pro-bloggers like Brian Dean updates their older posts . Updating, promoting, planning, experimenting are some quick takes from your post.


    • Thanks for visiting this post Justin and i am glad you liked it.


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