How to Filter out Spam Traffic From Google Analytics?

Spam is the biggest problem of the online world. There are many types of spam you can find out online such as link spam, content spam, etc. Nowadays, Google Analytics Spam is happening to almost every Analytics user.

If you are using Analytics for quite some time, you must have seen some of the referral websites in your analytics report that even doesn’t exist. Below is the screenshot of such spam referrals:

Google analytics spam

In the above screenshot, marked red ones are spam.  These are just a few; the list of such spam links is huge that I will be sharing in this post.

You just create an analytics account, and you will start getting such spam as referrals.

Tom Capper says that he created a test analytics account, and never used the tracking code on any website. Still, he gets the spam referrals in that test analytics account. That means these spam traffic doesn’t actually come to your website rather they just show up in Analytics account.

I am clueless that why someone is doing this, what kind of benefits he gets by doing so. Strange!

These spam referrals ruin the analytics data at its worst and you may find it tough to analyze your data when required. There are many people who are not aware of such spam, they may count these spam referrals into real traffic, and their analysis will go complete wrong due to this.

I have collected a list of such spam referrals, and that are listed below:

  • web-revenue.xyz
  • share-buttons.xyz
  • xyz
  • semalt
  • buttons-for-website
  • buttons-for-your-website
  • darodar
  • free-traffic.xyz
  • hulfingtonpost
  • ilovevitaly
  • bestwebsitesawards
  • o-o-6-o-o
  • free-share-buttons
  • social-buttons
  • best-seo-solution
  • ilovevitaly
  • simple-share-buttons
  • best-seo-offer
  • Get-Free-Traffic-Now
  • googlsucks
  • webmaster-traffic
  • event-tracking
  • 100dollars-seo
  • theguardlan

These are just a small list; you can get different referrals day by day as they are continuously spamming the Analytics using various domain names.

This has become one of the biggest problems for Google Analytics users. Google is already working on the permanent fix of the issue as they are well aware of the situation. Hope they launch something soon that doesn’t show up these spam referrals in the site’s analytics.

However, there are many solutions to block these referrals to show up in analytics. But, the thing is, you find 10 sites, and you do the fix for those 10, and you will again see 10 different spam referrals are started showing. So, you have to repeat the process to keep excluding spam referrals from your analytics report.

One of the easiest ways to block them is by using Google Analytics Filters. If you are not aware of these Filters, then read how Google defines them,

“Filters allow you to limit and modify the data that is included in a view. For example, you can use filters to exclude traffic from particular IP addresses, focus on a specific subdomain or directory, or convert dynamic page URLs into readable text strings.”

In short, you can use filters to exclude traffic from particular Hostname, Domain and IP address. Hence, these Analytics Filters can solve the issue of spam referrals to a great extent.

Below is the step by step process to exclude spam referrals from your Analytics using Filters:

Step 1

First of all, login to your Google Analytics account, and click on Admin.


Step 2

You will see this page:


Now, click on All Filters


Step 3

Now you will see this screen:


I have already created 2 filters, so they are displaying. If you haven’t created any, then nothing will be shown in the table.

Click on “+ADD FILTER” button.

Step 4

You will see this:


Now, the actual work starts.

Step 5

Give a name to your Filter such as Spam Traffic x or anything you want.

Now, Select Exclude only from “Select Filter Type” Dropdown.


Select Traffic from the ISP Domain from Select source or Destination


As you will select it, you will be given a text box in which you need to enter the domain. Enter the domain that you want to exclude from your analytics report. Enter that!


Now select that contain from Select Expression dropdown.


Step 6

Now you need to select the views on that this filter will be applied, that you can do it easily as shown in the screenshot below.


Just select the view that is displayed in the Available Views, and click on Add, and it will be listed under Selected Views.

Step 7

Click on Save, and you are done!


So, this is how I excluded those spam traffic one by one by creating filters, and then those spam referrals have stopped showing in the report.

I found this process quite easier that anyone can carry out without any hassle.

This is just one way of doing so; there are many ways you can exclude these spam referrals to show up in your traffic report to keep your data concise.

Final Words

We all hate spam regardless of its type. Analytics spam has become the nightmare for the analysts because these ruin the report. Calculating and analyzing become tough.

I hope the way I mentioned to exclude spam referrals would work for you too as it does for me.

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  1. Great guide, Mukesh. I have been receiving a lot of this fake traffic lately, especially from share-buttons.xyz. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I’m gonna block them now.


    • Hi Robin,

      Happy to know that this helped you well. Keep visiting to my blog.

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