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In this online world where millions of blog posts are being published every day, what kind of plan you set to get people?s attention to your blog posts? It takes a lot of efforts, time, patience, great content and great look & feel, to grab a chunk of traffic to your blog.

Apart from all of these, there is one thing that is supposed to be the most important part when it comes to grabbing people?s attention.

Any guesses?

You are right; I am talking about the headline of a blog post. Yes, no doubt! It is the most important part of a blog post because this is the first thing that becomes visible in front of readers when they come to your blog, and even when you share your blog post links on social media sites, Title shows there prominently…How to write better headlines for your post

If you talk about Search engines, then also, headline of the post shows prominently.

You can see by looking at these screenshots that the post title or headline is the main thing which displays prominently both on FB and Google search engine. Even if you share on other social sites, Title will always show like this. Now you can clearly see that Headlines must be very attractive, catchy and attention grabbing. For example, you might know sites like scoopwhoop, storypick and others. Though all of their blog posts are not good but their headlines are amazing and so catchy that everyone gets attracted to click on them.

Here are few tips that help you write better headlines for your blog posts:

Headline should be unique

Hundreds of bloggers write on similar topics. Thus, there are chances that blog post titles of different bloggers look alike or exactly same.

Therefore, while writing a headline for your next blog post, always consider that it should be unique and not similar to any of already published articles.

Personalized Headlines

Not all time, you should personalize the headlines but many a times you should become a bit personal while writing the title because it somehow creates curiosity in audience which leads them to come over your blog to read the post.

Let?s understand it with example:

How I am able to make 6 figures online?

How I write 5 blog posts everyday with quality?

How I made 500 USD with Adsense this month?

You can see these above-mentioned headlines look more appealing and attention grabbing.

Use Google Analytics

Not many writers suggest this, but I would like to suggest using Google analytics of your blog.

Go to your analytics dashboard and in your site?s account check for keywords, there you will find many long tail phrases. Many of those phrases might look like as they are questions?

Now look at them and think if you can write better posts to answer those queries?? If yes, then use those phrases to write headlines and write blog posts.

You can make use of webmaster tools as well for the same.

Make use of WH questions (What, When Why, How, when)

These words are the triggers that grab more attention. I mostly use How as I try to solve people?s queries and issues. Even as a user while finding some solutions, we do make search query with these WH words and so it?s more likely to show up in search results as well.

Use numbers

Using numbers is another way of making your headlines more attention grabbing. For example:

5 SEO Tips you never read anywhere

5 Blog posts that can change your way of thinking

10 blogging tips you must not miss

The headlines with numbers look more concise and straightforward. If you ask me, I always get attracted whenever some posts with these kinds of titles come in my Facebook Feed.

Make use of some powerful words

Words like FREE, Discount are supposed to be the most powerful words online because we as human, tend to look for freebies and discounts thus if we see post titles that include these words, we get attracted and click to check the post. These words help you write awesome titles which can perform well and get awesome traffic to the blog posts.

Stunning and Secret are two other words that I can consider as power words, and if you use these effectively, you will be able to write great headlines.


Few Secrets to build brand in short span of time.

Secrets of money making that never got revealed.

Stunning wordpress templates for Free

These are few example post titles that can work well. You can write even better post titles using these power words.

Convey a sense of urgency

I have learned about this while reading a post at quick sprout. I truly agreed with it. When you convey a sense of urgency, people who relate to that particular topic, would not waste their time and quickly go to your blog post to read.

This example might give you better insights about this:

Are you losing readers by sending too many newsletters?

Are you losing traffic by ignoring social media?

These titles are creating a sense of urgency as when bloggers read these, they are likely to relate themselves to these situations and think that they should read these posts.

Keyword Research

Do spend some time researching the best keywords for the topic you are going to write. After the research choose one or two best keywords and use them in your headline. Good keywords are those which are being searched by people so when you use them in title, then it attracts more people and also if you rank well in the Google with these, you will get hell lot of traffic.

Using keywords in the title is important because Titles are the ones which impact search engines the most. Therefore, the keywords with which you want to get ranking for your blog post must be used in the title or headline.

Keep it short

Apart from all the tips and ideas mentioned above keeping titles short proved to be a better idea as these make the titles more attractive and attention grabbing. So use shorter, simpler and straight forward post titles.

Final Words

Headlines are most important part of a blog post and it also impacts search engine thus it?s indeed necessary to write them in a better way so that you can get most out of it.

These are few good ways that would help you write better headlines for your blog posts. Don?t just read the post but apply these tips and see the difference.

Thanks for reading!

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Awesome post, Garrett, thanks! I just tried it out – wrote 27 headlines and put them all through CoSchedule’s headline analyzer tool and guess what? My best headlines – at least according to the tool – were in the last third. More proof!

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    • Thank you Atish for visiting this port, I am glad you liked this port.


  2. I just came across your site as I wanted to improve google adwords headings. Fantastic information – and very excited about applying this new information!

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  3. its true bro headline is the most important and first thing of any vlog so nice to have an article on this topic

    • Thank you Vivek for visiting this blog and for your comments.


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