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Keyword research for SEO is one of the most important parts of a search marketing strategy. Whether it is for your PPC campaign or for your SEO campaign, it is always the most basic and the most important part.

As of now, I would be writing about Keyword Research for SEO in this post. I will cover about keyword research for PPC later.

If you have read my last post on SEO in which I have mentioned all basic stuff about SEO, then you might know what actually the keyword research means and also you know how important it is for SEO?

Keywords are the group of words which are being queried by people in search engines to find relevant information thus it is important to find out those keywords which are getting enough search volume and then optimize your website for them.

If a keyword is being searched 100 times in a month then there is no benefit to target this but if a keyword is being searched more than 5000 times then it must be a good keyword to target. This is the basic philosophy but there are much more things to consider when you sit to do keyword research for SEO campaign.

Keywords must be relevant to your business. Misleading or non-relevant keywords won?t give you any profit. For example, if you are selling laptops online then your keywords must be like ?buy laptops? or ?buy laptops online? or ?laptops under 30,000 INR? and other variants of these combinations. It should not like ?buy gadgets online? because it is a broad category which includes multiple gadgets. Therefore as you are selling only laptops your keywords should contain laptops rather than gadgets.

Let?s now discuss how to research for good and profitable keywords:

  • Make use of Google Auto suggest

When you start typing in Google search, it shows you few ideas which it shows as per their popularity; means it shows those keywords related to your starting word and ones which are regularly searched by other people.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This can greatly help you collect few of keywords. Not all the suggestions will be relevant for you but just save them as a list. I will later tell you what to do with them.

  • Make use of Google?s Feature ?search related to?

Google shows a number of keywords at the bottom of the page related to the search query you have typed. So you can have few more from here. See the screenshot below:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Few would be relevant and few not but don?t worry. Just make a list of these and keep it with you. Now you have 2 lists of keywords.

  1. Make use of your own thought processFor example, if the business is about Mobile phones then what you can type in Google to search that business online?
  2. This list can?t be great but still you can have a good set of terms which you can use to make your 3rd list.
  3. Probably mobile phones within 10,000 INR, Want to buy mobile phones, Buy Samsung galaxy S5 etc.
  4. You must know about the website and business for which you are doing the keyword research, right? So you can easily write few terms that you as a user would search to find that particular website.
  5. Make use of Google Webmaster

If you use Google webmaster for your blog or website then you can find a list of search queries which are searched by users and they find your site while querying these. You can find this by going to Google.com/webmasters then Search Traffic > Search Queries.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

?So these are the keywords with which your website is already there in Google but as you will see the avg. position just next to them then you will come to know where actually the site is ranking whether on 1st page or 5th page. Thus, with this list you can optimize your website even more so that if the site is getting 5th page ranking then you can make it up to 1st page by doing some more optimization and by adding mission stuff on that particular page of the website.

Moreover, keep this list as well and this is the 4th list of keywords now you have.

Okay now, you have 4 lists of different keywords. Right? Now I will show you how you can make use of these lists to consolidate the best ones to target.

Make use of Google Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Google.com/adwords then go to Tools and select Keyword Planner from the drop down.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Once it will be opened you will see this screen:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Now choose the first one which says ?Search for new keywords and ad group ideas?.

Put all the keywords from those 4 lists which you have collected by using multiple ways.

I have just putted few in the box and separate each one with comma. See the screenshot below:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You can leave landing page for now and select the product category if you want but they are not mandatory as of now.

There will be many other options over there like targeting country, language which you should select as per your requirements and click on Get Ideas.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

It will show you the search volume of the keywords you have putted in the tool. This tool will also show a long list of suggested keywords. See the screenshot below:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Now check the search volumes and keep collecting the most suitable keywords for your business with good number of monthly search volume.

?Please ignore competition and suggested bid if you are doing the research for SEO because this competition is for PPC advertisers. It?s not the organic competition and the bid is what you have to pay per click if you target this keyword in your Adword ads. Just ignore both as of now.??

So now you have collected a long list of great keywords exactly as per your requirement. Now put all of these keywords again in the tool and get ideas. Do this for 3-4 times and it will help you get the best keywords and few different suggestions to choose even more.

So after filtering your keyword list for 3-4 times, you will have the best list but now there is a problem that you don?t know how competitive are those keywords?

You need to know the competitiveness because you can get ideas that which keywords are easy to rank and which are tough to rank.

For the organic competition, you can use your mind and just put each keyword one by one in Google and see what results it shows and also which kind of websites are coming in there. It can give you fair idea about the competition but if you want to use a tool I would like to suggest you to use Long Tail Pro keyword tool or any other tool which offers to show Keyword competitiveness.

After doing it all, you will have a great list of keywords which are relevant to your business, having enough search volume and have fair competition (try to choose low or medium competition keywords. Choosing highly competitive keywords can be a great risk).

So now, you have learnt why keywords are useful and how to find the best ones to your online business. I hope you will enjoy when you do the keyword research on your own. So why are you waiting just go on and try implementing the strategy.

Share your views and ideas with me via comments.

Mukesh Annamalai

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  1. Great write-up Mukesh, I’ve read your post till the end as you’ve enclosed the basic details of keyword research.

    I accept your ways to get a list of keywords to craft the blog post and I’m following most of the tips which you’ve listed here.

    If you wanna drive organic traffic, keyword research is essential as we need to make the search engines to understand what we’re writing.

    Finding out the keywords with less competition and more searches matters a lot. Also, we should make use of Google Adword planner and webmaster tool to understand our audience needs.

    I love LTP as it helps to get the profitable keywords and I’m using from long.
    Thanks for writing this good post with enough screenshots, hope it would help your readers 🙂

    • Thank you Nirmala for visiting my blog, you rightly said Keyword Research plays an essential role to make search engine understand what we are writing in blog and ensure bringing visibility of blog.


    • Thank you Atish for visiting my blog, Keyword research plays an important role in getting good page rating and site visibility. There are many who are yet to master the art of keyword research and every day is a learning..


  2. Hi Mukesh,

    Keyword research is a core part for best article writing, if you not use best keyword which you can easily rank into Google or you choose keyword not have low competition then you need to invest more resource on these type article for get high ranking into Google.. great article.. I personally prefer Keyword Planner for Keyword Research..

    Mohd Arif

    • Hi Mohd Arif,
      Thanks for visiting this post, Yes, you rightly said keyword research is a core part of best article writing.

  3. Excellent post for keyword research tools. My Favorited and best so far is Google adwords tool for keywords research. Your post suggest number of tools and very comprehensive. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Melisa Lissa for visiting this post, and I am glad to know you liked this post. Thank you for your comments as well..


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