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You have probably heard about Fiverr and how it?s a great place to make money through Fiverr, either as a seller, offering various services or as an entrepreneur or business owner buying these services, which are available at unbelievably cheap prices.

So, What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace, or a microsourcing platform, where tens of thousands of freelancers offer different types of services to customers from over 200 countries. Over 3 million services (or ?Gigs? as they are called) are available on Fiverr, and they cost a minimum of $5 for the customer.

Fiverr was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman who wanted to create a global marketplace on the internet, which would offer a platform for people from all countries to buy and sell a variety of services from each other. ?The services offered by freelancers on Fiverr include: writing, proofreading, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming.

Fiverr: The Basics

Fiverr connects people who offer services to those who want them ? as simple as that.? If you are curious about making money on Fiverr as a seller, you should first make a list of things that you are really good at, and sell it for $5 a Gig. (You will get $4 out of that, as Fiverr pockets $1 as commission for running the service.)

What are You Good At?

Are you good at writing? Then you might want to offer article writing, blogging or eBook writing services on Fiverr. Are you a grammar Nazi, with a great eye for grammatical mistakes made by others? Well, perhaps offering proofreading services on Fiverr is your calling.

Or, do you have a great knowledge of Photoshop and are awesome at designing? Then the possibilities are endless for you on Fiverr ? as a graphic designer, eBook cover designer, logo designer and so on. Are you a computer programmer by training and would like to supplement your income? You will have a plenty of opportunities on Fiverr as well. Are you an SEO professional, web designer or website developer? Then your talents will be highly appreciated on Fiverr.

What if you aren?t good at any of the things we have talked about here? Well, you can invent ideas of your own. Perhaps you can offer to have 100 Flyers of an organization or business distributed in your University?

Or if you are really good at singing, you can offer to sing ?Happy Birthday to You? for customers around the world on their birthdays! There are Gigs like that too! And if you?re a young woman with model-like looks, you can offer to endorse a business or a product on Fiverr as well.

Or, you can offer to sell a product. If you have written an eBook on, say, ?How to Repair an AC,? you can sell it on Fiverr for $5 a copy. If you are a stock analyst, you can sell your daily reports along with technical charts on the stock markets to interested customers for $5 each.

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. Each one of us has a particular talent, and Fiverr allows you to make the best use of and earn a nice extra income in the bargain.

But, is $4 per Gig Enough?

But what can one do with just $4 per Gig you ask. Well, let?s look at it this way. If you earn a reputation as a very good proofreading on Fiverr, you can potentially get 25 orders each day for a Gig where you promise to proofread 1000 words of text. Do your math, 25 orders at $4 per Gig would get you $100 per day.

And we haven?t counted the extras yet! Fiverr allows you to offer ?Extras,? which mean you can charge $5, $10, $20 extra for each order, by offering to do something more. For example, as a proofreader, you can offer to proofread 500 words more for $5, 1000 words more for $10, and so on ? you get the idea. The Extras make it worthwhile for you and help you earn a very good income on Fiverr.

How To Enjoy Success on Fiverr as a Seller?

If you?re to succeed on Fiverr and earn an excellent income from it, you should really love what you do at Fiverr. Don?t be a web designer on Fiverr if you don?t really like the job, for instance.

The important thing here is to take what you do on Fiverr very seriously, provide a great service to customers, and be a thorough professional.

And wherever possible, deliver more than what is promised, this is sure to help to win you a great deal of customer loyalty and get excellent buyer feedback and reviews ? which helps you get noticed by other buyers on Fiverr.

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