Next Generation 5G internet will be able to transmit 1000 GB of data in a single second..

5G5G internet was first introduced by a Korean company in 2008. It is also known as tactile internet which refers to super high speed. According to an estimate, the next generation 5G internet will be able to transmit 1000 GB of data in a single second. That?s like incredible if the same comes to the practice.

Current technological environment however posits a lot of potential in this regard. Practical feasibility is currently being analyzed to remove the negative aspects. If we look in to the history of mobile internet generations, it is revealed that a generation is introduced after every ten years approximately since the preface of first generation (1 G mobile internet). 1G mobile internet was first spotted in 1981. This was a tremendous milestone in the new era of supreme technology. Nowadays, 4G mobile internet is in fashion widely throughout the world where as the next generation 5G internet has also captured the attention of technology lovers. Thus it is awaited to be launched, however it needs more time to be launched publicly.

Generations of mobile internet are referred by the non backward cellular standards e.g., IMT-2000 is specified for 3G while IMT-Advanced is for 4G. These standards are set by ITU-R. 5G mobile internet is sought very distinctly in following ways:

  • Highly Efficient Mobile Internet: It is expected to provide best ever performance with lowering installation costs. The leap of efficiency will be dedicated by DAN (Demand Attentive Network).
  • Real Speed: As Discussed above, this next generation mobile internet will offer its users with ultimate speed with convenience. It will also offer wide area coverage and convenient and effective mobility.
  • Converged Fiber Wireless Network: This technique will be primarily exercised in the world of wireless technology. The convergence is specified to the indispensable connection that consists of a small connection at each end of the wire. It is expected to serve as a nomadic service as served by WiFi nowadays instead of conventional mobile internet being used in current era.

Many research organizations are specifically focusing on research and development regarding feasibility of 5G internet. These organizations dominantly include IEEE and Korean Mobile Company. The debate of the future outcomes is enough scary for the technology driven harms. It is due to the simple fact that the technology would never content to 5G only. It will keep growing and developing. So, what would be yielded by 6G or so? This however is an unanswered question.

Some of test practices have been conducted to examine the performance of 5G internet. The first and subsequent upshots are enough encouraging that it would soon be seen in the market. However the early adopters will include the giant software engineering firms and internet research laboratories. It is expected to get introduction in consumer market after extensive market surveys. According to an estimate, the current wifi connections will lose their value in a short span of time. The superior and widespread coverage will make it a tremendous invention in business as well as consumer markets.

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