PPTStar Review: One Place for All Types of PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Presentations are everywhere. They are used for giving project reports in School, Training Reports in College and Targets Reports during the job. We just can’t escape them. PowerPoint Presentations are considered as one of the best tools for conveying the message. A big point can easily be conveyed with one single slide. Use of diagrams, charts and jargons make them even more impactful.

While it depends on the person how good a presentation can be but, the template used in making of presentation matters a lot. Getting that perfect template for your presentation is an art and can be only be achieved only when you have spent ample of time in making a presentation. The default templates in PowerPoint are limited and can be used for a limited number of Topics. In the end, you are left with the only handful of Templates and you just can’t do anything about it.

Imagine a scenario where 100s of people are giving a presentation and you wish to outshine them. At points like these, the design of your PowerPoint Template plays a crucial role. Everyone will be using the same set of templates offered by PowerPoint. However, you can use a template designed especially for your topic. Yes, we are talking about a place where you can get a large number of templates.

PPTStar is the Place

Being there at the top since 9 years, PPTStar is one of the most used and most popular destination for prebuilt PowerPoint templates. It offers a template for all type of topics. Each and every template provided by PPTStar is designed in such a way that it will perfectly on your topic. There are over 17000 of templates to choose from.

What makes PPTStar so awesome?

The success of your presentation is directly or indirectly dependent on the template you have used. The colour of template, colour saturation, background colour, contrast, etc.


All these are responsible for making that perfect template. Now, there are many reasons which make PPTStar as one of the best places to look out for templates. Few amazing features of PPTStar are:

Beautiful Imagery

There is no doubt in the fact that PPTStar Template will be the talking point of your presentation. All the templates are beautifully arranged by popular themes which allow you to create the magic through your project. Thanks to Tender Loving Care (TLC) and Total Quality Control (TQC), you just can’t find any flaw in any of the template offered by PPTStar.

In-built Layouts

With PPTStar at your side, all you need is to worry about Content and it will take care of the design part. All the templates of PPTStar contain a perfect mixture of colours complementing the main image’s colour scheme.


Intuitive and Easy to Use

Creating that perfect presentation is not kids work. Choosing the right font, font size, colour scheme and the template is the most time taking the task. However, PPTStar solves most of these problems. It comes with such a nice design feature where the text automatically gets mixed with the template without any efforts. It is simple to use and even a newbie can use it like a pro to create a dynamic and audience engaging presentation.

Correct Mixture of Colours

Colours play an important part in a presentation. Unlike PowerPoint, which uses the same set of colour for each and every template, PPTStar uses a collection of customised mixed colours which are optimised to make the presentation better and rich in colour.

Role of Diagrams and Charts in a Presentation

You can easily restructure your content into memorable images and can add more clarity to your reports. All the graphics offered by PPTStar are pre-formatted and you can easily change the size and colour as per need. You can also input your own text and these graphics can help you in creating greater visuals for your presentation.


You can easily download any of the presentation templates and then can copy the graphics and slides into your own presentation. In this way, you can customise the graphics depending upon the need of your presentation. Each and every chart and diagram of PPTStar consists of vector graphics means one can easily edit them as per his needs.

PPTStar also makes using Keynote and PowerPoint simpler and easy. You just need to type the text and PPTStar will fuse the message.

Should you use PPTStar?

Do you want a presentation which is different from rest of the presentations? Do you want a template which stands out from the crowd? Do you want graphs and charts in your presentation which can be edited as per the need? If the answer is yes, then you should use PPTStar just like other 81,000 people who are currently using this awesome service.

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