The Impacts of Big Data on Today?s Business Industry

The Impacts of Big Data on Today?s Business Industry

The discovery and usage of big data has resulted in a dynamic change throughout the world of business. Companies that have seized upon the opportunities offered by it have been able to make massive gains. Consider the example of companies like Google, eBay and Yahoo who have been the front-runners in utilizing big data to their advantage. These companies have shown us what can be achieved through the proper use of this new technological advancement. However, in order to truly understand the power of big data, it is essential that you learn about the impacts that it has made on the business industry of today.






Transparency of Information

Among the many advantages that big data can offer to a company, transparency of information is perhaps the most important one. With the processing of large amounts of data through Hadoop, the business companies are now able to identify the patterns and information that has been hidden away in large data sets. Data mining helps the companies in finding the connections in the data that they have collected from their customers and then using them to reshape and reevaluate their services and making them more consumer-friendly. Thus, the use of big data has had a profound effect on capturing the information that was otherwise neglected by the companies.

Bettering Management Decisions

Apart from the product enhancements that companies have been able to make through the use of the information collected by processing big data through Hadoop, it has also helped them in making well-informed management decisions as well. By analyzing the large data sets, companies are now able to get an idea of the best ways of running their business. The use of big data Hadoop has given businesses the chance to conduct experiments within their infrastructure and to identify the management decisions that are going to benefit their growth.




Segmentation of Consumers

In the past, the companies made products that were tailored for a wider group of consumers, as they were not able to identify the individualized needs of a particular consumer group. This primary cause of this restriction was the lack of data mining and data processing capabilities. However, big data Hadoop has helped the business organizations in effectively narrowing down the consumer segments. It has given the companies the chance to come up with products that are exactly suited to the needs and desires of each smaller segment of consumers.

New Generation Products

The utilization of big data has been particularly helpful for the companies in their quest of developing the new generation of products that are more refined and in line with the demands of the customers. Armed with the big data processing capabilities offered to them by Hadoop, companies are now making use of sensors embedded in their products, which continuously provide them feedback and allow them the chance to provide after-sales service that was unimaginable before. Moreover, the processing of big data is also helping them in manufacturing new products that are error-free and not prone to failures.

Seeing the extraordinary impacts it has had on the business industry so far, it is easy to understand why big data has been making all the headlines nowadays in this sector.

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  1. Ya utilization of BIGDATA has been particularly very helpful for many companies. agree with you. and useful post.

    • Thank you for visiting this post, BIGDATA is not a luxury but its becoming a necessity for organizations to understands how their business strength and develop their strategy.


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