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Every blogger aims to generate massive traffic to his blogs because a site cannot survive without traffic.? Just think, if you are writing killer articles on your blog, but there is no one coming to read your them then why you are writing and for whom?

No traffic means no earning, and nothing!

So to run a profitable blog, traffic is crucial. There are many ways you can use to generate traffic to your blog. One of the ways is submitting your blog in the blog submissions (blog directories) sites that helps you generate referral traffic as well as boost search ranking of your blog.

Finding the blog submission sites isn?t a tough job, but finding the best ones is indeed a time-consuming task. But don?t worry, I am listing Top 10 blog submissions sites in this blog posts. Here are they:

1. Alltop.com

Alltop is one of the very first blog submission sites I came across. This is certainly one of the best sites where you can submit your blog in the relevant niche. Though, the listing on this site can be little tough because their approval process is strict. But once your blog is listed there, your 5 blog posts will be shown there.


Check out the above screenshot, in which blogs, and their 5 latest posts are showing. The best thing is the links are dofollow. Don?t wait, and submit your blog to Alltop.com today!

Stats: DA: 78, PR: 6

2. Ontoplist


This is a human edited directory in which top quality blogs are listed, thus listing in this directory is good. They push your blog?s RSS feed with their feed widgets to maximize the reach of your blog posts.

Stats: DA: 71, PR: 6

3. Bloggingfusion


Bloggingfusion is again a human edited blog directory with a list of quality blogs in its database, thus submitting your blog into this will certainly a good choice. It offers so many benefits like free promotion, stats tracking, live updates, etc.

Stats: DA: 56, PR: 5

4. ?BlogFlux


BlogFlux is a very simple blog directory, and submission process is very easy. It is well organized, and it has 157056 blogs added into its database at the time of writing this article.

Stats: DA:73, PR: 5

5. Blogs.botw.org


This excellent blog directory has a good list of quality blogs in its database categorized by their niche. They don?t approve every blog that are submitted rather they approve only the quality ones.

Stats: DA: 71, PR: 6

6. Fuelmyblog


This is again an excellent blog directory where all the submissions are manually moderated, and only the quality blogs get listed. They have a voting system for blogs; blogs with most votes show on the top. You can get a widget and add to your blog to get more votes to get your blog listed on top.

You can drive huge amount of blog traffic from this website.

Stats: DA: 42, PR:4

7. Addyourblog


You can submit your blog to this blog directory to get listed along with few good blogs. All the listings are approved manually. If you want to generate targeted visitors, this site is the best deal.

Stats: DA: 57, PR: 4

8. Blogadda


A great online community for bloggers where you can get your blog listed. Unlike most of the online directories, it is being updated regularly. Thus, it can be an excellent source of traffic to your blog. Get listed today.

Stats: DA: 63, PR: 5

9. Bloggeries.com


This is now all in one blog directory where you can even read some great blogging tips through its blog, take part in discussions using its forum, and yes you can submit your blog as well.

Stats: DA: 47, PR: 5

10. Bloggernow.com


Blogs are very well organized and listed in a great indexed way so that you can search the blogs quickly. It works as a blog search engine. Getting included in this blog is good. So get listed today.

Stats: DA: 52, PR: 4


Blog directories are good to generate a good amount of referral traffic as well as improve search ranking. Just there is need of quality blog directories because they are edited manually and approve only the high-quality blogs.

The directories which have auto approval option are bad because you will find most of the low-quality blogs are listed there. Listing in those kinds of directories can hurt your blog?s search ranking terribly.

Thus, consider these 10 quality blog directories to submit your blog. I am sure your blog will get listed if it possesses quality.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


    • Thank you Arif for visiting this post , i am sure this will help you to drive traffic to your blog.


  1. I have not heard of nor used any of these blog directories before . It is good to know of their existence and how they operate. I am going to check them out and see how they can effectively help me generate traffic.

    Thanks for sharing these sites!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com as well

    • Thank you Sunday for visiting this post and glad you liked it. please try out and let me know your comments.


  2. Hey! i love this post. immediately i saw this post, i said within me that am gonna go and read it. Thanks for this wonderful researches on blog submission. i think people are driving away fro this act and which they shouldn’t. Submitting one’s blog to a directory that has high DA and high PR really helps in fast submission to google search, quality traffic back to one’s site. But i think people are now getting lazy on a daily basis to start submitting blogs to such directories. This is what i do every time i publish on my blog and it has really been helping my traffic. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Thank you Asaulu for visiting this post and for your comments. Blog submission to these directories are important to bring in traffic to our blogs and one cannot ignore.


    • Thank you Atish for visiting this post and glad you liked it.


  3. Hi Mukesh,
    Great list here to join in! 🙂
    I am a member in some of the platforms mentioned here,
    But for an Indian blogger Indiblogger is yet another wonderful site to join in to share your posts, Apart from this you missed some of the other major sites like,Kingged.co, ABC ahaNOw community, IBA, PAC , Bizsugar, Inbound etc.
    Thanks for sharing these sites details with the connected links,
    Thanks Atish for sharing this post here.
    May you have a great weekend
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip
    PS: I found this post in Kingged.com a social marketing content curation platform where this post is mentioned by Atish Ranjan
    And I posted this comment there and up-voted it
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Philip for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Yes i agree Indiblogger is a wonderful site for bloggers . Kingged has grown to such an extent this cannot be ignored by bloggers, yes i will cover about this in separate post. Thank you for your suggestion.


  4. I have never heard of none of these blog directories. I am glad you have brought these blog submission sites to light and I have to look more into these. I have never had much success or really put any effort into blog submission sites, but maybe one of these sites can help get more visitors. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Lawrence Berry for visiting this post and glad you liked this post.


    • Thank you Amelia Williams for visiting this post and glad you found what you are searching for.


  5. Hi Mukesh,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list of blog directories with us.Your hard work is much more appreciated and valuable for me.
    Hopefully they may help me to increase my back-links.
    Have a great week ahead.

    • Thank you Saurabh for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Thanks for your comments as well.


  6. Hey Atish,

    This is a great list of blog directories that one, I never heard of and two, I will have to add these to my arsenal. I’ve submitted my blog posts to some directories in the past, but they were of low quality and it sounds like these sites only accept high quality blog content which would be of great help!

    Thanks Atish for this introduction! Have a great week!

    I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Blogging

    • Thank you Sherman Smith for visiting this post and glad you liked it. These blog sites are well researched and provides value for bloggers.


  7. Hi, Atish and Mukesh,
    I really appreciate you sharing this information. I hadn’t heard of Blogeries before, as well as a few others! Of course, had heard of alltop, which is the best, but these others are golden nuggets too. Thanks for sharing. ?

    Carol Amato

    • Thank you Carom Amato for visiting this post and glad this is informative for you.


    • Thank you Rahul for visiting this post and glad you liked it.


  8. Hi Mukesh,

    This Blog post was submitted to Kingged by Atish Ranjan. I?ve always wanted to read about what other Bloggers have to say the best Blog post directories. Hence I jumped in for a read.

    Without a doubt a Blog site without any serious traffic is like a performer without an audience.

    I?ve always believed that a great way to get referral traffic is submitting my Blog posts to Blog submission directories. What has always been a mental barrier which prevented me from doing this is that Google has hurt directories in general in one (or more than one) of its algorithm updates. Hence, I was really hesitant to use any Blog submission directory until I read this Blog post.

    What?s the criteria that you used to judge these as the top 10 Blog directories Mukesh, I?m really curious to know if you are willing to share the attributes you used to judge these Blog directories.

    I?d never heard of these directories before until I read your Email. Each Blog directory has a pretty good page rank, but of late Google no longer delivers page rank nor does Google use page rank to come to a conclusion of how valuable a website is. I?ve only read about this Google behaviour in a few Blog posts.

    What?s your take on Google page rank, Mukesh?

    BTW, for some reason or the other none of the images on this Blog post loaded in my Browser, inspite of my reloading the Blog post page a couple of times. I?m using Chrome as my default Browser and that seems to indicate that the path to your files is incorrect.

    Just sharing my experience, nothing more.

    I enjoyed the Blog post. I checked out several of the Blog directories you?ve listed. Excellent work Mukesh, really enjoyed the learning experience. Atish Ranjan, a big thank you was well.

    I came to this site via a link on Kingged.com.

    • Thank you Ivan for visiting this post, i shared these blog submission sites based on experiences from other bloggers, these blog sites deliver great value for bloggers and many bloggers i know have recommended these sites.
      I was facing some performance issue in my hosting recently and i migrated to better one now, you will not see any more issues. Thank for your comments and appreciate your inputs.


  9. Mukesh Annamalai, I am in Bloggeries.com you forgot to mention is a paid directory. Never knew there was so much and how to fully use them. These other submission directory sites will looking into. Thanks for explain why signing up with these blogging site may help. Great lists of information especially for new bloggers.

    • Thank you Patrice M FOSTER for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Your comments are really valuable.


  10. Gaining exposure for your blog is critical to building a following and revenue.

    Though all of them are new to me, I still believe that the above listings are a glimpse inside the large and vast world of blog directories and the valuable inbound links can build for your blog and your business.

    I will give these sites time later and I might share any one of them and recommend beginners in blogging or marketing. Blog directories have so much to offer like greater search engine indexing, build brand consciousness, promotes legitimate appearance and so much more.

  11. Hi Mukesh,

    Amazing list here. Thanks for sharing this list with us. It’s really a great one! 😀

    Honestly, none of the sites I have tried yet. I just know them from this article. Thank you for that!

    I will start to try each one of them. I wish all could run smoothly. 🙂

    Glad you can share this post with us, Mukesh.
    Thanks for contributing in my learning curve as well. I really appreciate it!

    Hope you can enjoy your weekend!

    By the way, I found your blog from Kingged. I posted this comment there and up-voted it. 🙂


    • Thank you Nanda for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Yes please try these list and let me know your comments.


  12. I’ve not submitted on these sites good to found them on your blog I’ve listed mine on bloggersdotcom and other sites would like to try this sites thanks for sharing it.

    • Thank you Shameem for visiting this post and glad you liked it, try out these blog submission sites and let me know your favorite site.


  13. Thanks for list of sites for blog submission. I was knowing only 3 or 4 website for blog posting. You shared 10 new sites. I will also try other sites from this list for submitting blog. Thanks for the share.

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