Top 10 SEO Tips Revealed…..

Top 10 SEO Tips Revealed….

Days have passed when maintaining an online appearance was a luxury, and not all the business owners were ready to adopt. Now, it?s a need and so is Search Engine Optimization. Today, every successful business has a strong online appearance and it is made possible only through SEO. Google the term ?SEO strategies? and you will see hundreds of thousands of them, but not all of them are good enough for implementation. Here is a list of some top 10 SEO tips Revealed??which work great.



Select and use keywords wisely

Keywords can take your site to the top or become a reason for its failure; so choose them wisely. Right keywords catch your desired visitors and divert them to your website. Do not forget to include keywords on the website title, domain name, tagline, descriptions, page titles and page URLs.

Use multiple traffic sources

Good SEOs never rely on only one traffic source, rather they work with a holistic approach. Paid advertisement through PPC is another approach, which attracts a lot of visitors if used accurately.

Develop and maintain your content

You must develop and maintain high quality customer centric content because your customers come to know you from the content that you create or share. They believe what they read and it either convinces them or discourages them to buy.

Make your site mobile friendly

Number of people who use their mobiles to reach out sellers is increasing day by day. A mobile friendly site displays the content properly when it is loaded on a mobile phone, and viewers have the best experience.

Internal link building

Internal link building is one of the best SEO tips, which is highly recommended. It allows a visitor to navigate your site and know your products and services thoroughly. However, it is recommended to keep the internal linking simple and natural.

Google analytics

Google analytics gives you a detailed insight on who is visiting your site, where the visitors are coming from and what they are looking for. These analytics present you the results that different SEO strategies have achieved. Depending on this data SEO experts decide which techniques need their attention and which are going well.

Add some bloggers in your loop

While shopping online, customers are most likely to search for product or service reviews before deciding to buy. There are some very popular bloggers who use a particular product and then write blogs to share their experience. Positive product reviews mean more traffic.

Connect with your customers

Do not leave your customers unattended. Ask for their feedback and try to answer their queries with your online content. Even if they have made a purchase and are dormant, keep them reminded through press releases and email alerts.

Use Google?s tools

Using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools is one of the best SEO tips that an SEO expert can give you. With regards to SEO, you need a lot of information. The Google?s tools are user friendly and often used to answer questions like where the traffic is coming from and which traffic is giving conversions.



Add a site map page

Site maps are helpful not only for visitors, but for the spiders too. It helps a spider to crawl to your site and reach to the important information. Don?t forget that a spider cannot index a page if it does not crawl to it.

An excellent SEO plan considers all of the aforementioned Top 10 SEO Tips Revealed???to capture and retain online target market. When used in proper proportions, these techniques give business, a sustainable growth.

Article summary:

This article sheds some light on the Top 10 SEO Tips Revealed?which help businesses to connect with their customers and retain them. These practices are followed as a benchmark by all the businesses, which believe in a strong online appearance.

Mukesh Annamalai

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  1. Hi Mukesh
    Great tips thanks. As a blogger I don’t focus excessively on SEO for each post but just on putting a lot of related content out there. I tend to put my efforts into social media, using that to drive visitors to my blog.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

    • Thank You Joy, i am interested in giving many SEO tips for visitors , as you know SEO is one thing where many bloggers wants to understand and try out the tips to invite visitors to their blog


  2. Hey mukesh Mobile friendly web design is really important and i am agree with your point, i would suggest peoples not only for seo factor but for improving users experience responsive design is must.

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