Modern Ways of Communication in Business

Unified Communication

Unified Communication

Communication in this day and age has become a quite simple task for us. The development of so?many communication channels and devices means that remaining connected and having communications with other people is no longer an issue no matter where in the world we are living. However, there is still a need for an integrated communication system that is capable of utilizing the power of all the types of communication systems and devices that we have at our disposal at the moment. Unified communication is the answer to this need. It is a communication system which encompasses all the communication channels and provides an individual user the power to utilize all of them for either business or social purposes.

What is Unified Communication?

Unified communication at its core is an integration of all types of communication systems that are available to us nowadays. From instant chatting to audio, video and web conferencing and telephony to VoIP, every type of real-time or non-real-time communication service comes under the banner of unified communication. This system is similar to cloud computing as it allows the users the chance to access the messages that have been sent to a centralized mailbox irrespective of the device they are using to access it. For instance, a voicemail message sent through a cell phone can be accessed by a user either by his cell phone or e-mail.

Benefits of Unified Communication

Unified communication provides businesses of all sizes a number of benefits. Apart from offering all the communication services under a single system and the freedom to use any kind of device for accessing anything that has been sent to the centralized mailbox, there are many other advantages of this system that organizations can enjoy.

?Streamlining of Information Delivery

This system gives businesses and their tech support teams the chance to streamline their information delivery mechanisms and make it easier for the users to access the information. Just as the case is in cloud computing, unified communication also helps the businesses in simplifying their processes and gets the users integrated easily into them.


It helps in simplifying the meeting initiation process by utilizing a centralized approach where a single message to the mailbox can be accessed by all the users and they do not have to be notified individually. Moreover, it allows for enhanced collaboration between the users, employees and both concurrent and prospective clients as well.

Cost-Effectiveness and Enhanced Interaction

unified Communication

unified Communication




The traditional telephony and VoIP communication systems have certain delays associated with them which hamper the overall flow of information in the company. Unified communication attempts to reduce these delays and allow for enhanced interaction between the customers and the users. Besides proving to be a helping hand in improving the communication skills of the employees, it also proves to be extremely cost-effective for businesses as well.

Thus, if you want to enhance the communication skills of your workers then investing in unified communication is an option you should consider as it is definitely the modern way of communication for businesses.


Unified Communication is the modern way of communication and is an industry term that is used to represent all types of communications ranging from telephony to instant messaging to web conferencing. ???

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