5 Surefire Ways to Drive Referral Traffic to your blog

If you are having a blog, you know how important it is to drag traffic to your blog. Traffic means visitors of your blog. Traffic may come to your blog from various sources, and that are called traffic sources.

There are generally 4 types of traffic:

Direct Traffic: When visitors open your website by typing the URL into their browser, it is called Direct Traffic.

Organic Traffic: The traffic from search engines is known as Organic traffic. It is one of the most valuable traffic sources.

Referral Traffic (Social traffic included): When visitors come to your blog by clicking your link placed on some other websites or blogs or social media sites.

Paid Traffic: This is the traffic comes from the sources where you placed your ads. For example, Google Adword ads, FB ads, etc.

Different types of traffic have different significance. Today we will talk about the referral traffic.

Referral traffic is very important for a blog because this kind of traffic sends interested readers and thus, more engagement on the blog.

5 surefire ways to drive the referral traffic to your blog:

#1. Blog Commenting

Most of the bloggers mention blog commenting as way to generate traffic but you will mostly find this either in the middle or at the end of any list of traffic generation technique, but I would like to keep it at the top. I am very new to the blogging and I have been trying various ways to increase visitors on my blog. The best traffic sources I have seen in my Blog?s Google Analytics account are the blogs on which I have commented.

blog commenting

My blog is still very new and traffic is not that great but I managed to drag more than 100 visitors a day in which a good chunk of traffic I get from blog commenting. I have taken a screenshot of yesterday?s traffic in which you can see my top referral blogs where I have commented.

There are few more blogs from where I get 1-2 visits every day. I know it?s very small in number but if I comment on 70 blogs a week, I am sure I can generate at least 100 hits in total from those blogs.

The best thing of this way of traffic generation is that you get traffic consistently if you comment on blogs that are getting good traffic on their every blog posts.

#2. Facebook and Google+

You simply cannot ignore Facebook and Google+ when it comes to traffic generation. It is a goldmine. You may create a fan/brand pages for your blog, build an audience base, and then keep sharing your published blog posts in creative ways.

I haven?t benefitted from these sources till now because I am not that active on these though I have managed to get few hits from these. Look at the below screenshots that display 2-week traffic from Facebook and Google+.


As I am not actively connecting with fellow bloggers on social media and not even sharing much of blog posts frequently, I am not getting enough traffic from there but if I see these stats then these are more than expected compared to the time I spend on FB and G+.

I am planning to work more on these 2 social giants and drag even more traffic to my blog.

#3. Blog Communities

The new generation traffic sources of blogs are the blog communities where you submit your blog posts, get votes and comments from other users in the community.

I have seen many bloggers are using blog communities, but they just share their post and come back which is wrong and not fruitful. If you really want to get better results from these communities, you must have to vote, comment and visit other bloggers? posts as well, and then only they will do the same to your blog posts.

Most popular blog communities are:

  • Kingged.com
  • Klinkk.com
  • Bizsugar.com
  • Dosplash.com
  • Blogengage.com

As of now I have not started using much of these communities due to time constraints but I have signed up everywhere and will gonna kick start hanging out there as well. Meanwhile, my friend Atish has shared a blog post of mine on Kingged.com and that brought 25 hits on that particular blog post.


Now I desire to get even more from this awesome community and others listed above.

Always remember :>> [The more Votes you get, the chances to get featured on Homepage of these communities increase and if you hit the homepage, you will get awesome traffic to your blog.]

#4. Guest Blogging

Though Matt cuts said that Guest blogging for SEO is unnatural, you may still use it to increase referral traffic to your blog. Write good content and place your link naturally or if you have any fear of Google, you may add rel=?nofollow? to the link and stay tension free!

When you publish a blog post on someone else?s blog then it is called a guest post, and the process is called guest blogging. This is a win-win situation for both, the host and the guest because when a guest provides a post to host then the he gets free content for his blog. On the other hand, the guest gets featured his name on that blog, grabs the attention of the audience of the host?s blog, and also gets 1-2 links of his blog within the content or in author bio that helps generate referral traffic to his blog.

Doing 2-3 guest blog posts on high traffic blogs, are good enough to generate a huge amount of traffic consistently

#5. LinkedIn

There are two ways you can drag traffic from LinkedIn, one by sharing your blog post links as status update and other way is to publish articles in LinkedIn pulse in which you can hyperlink your blog posts and can also have an author bio to get even more clicks. Let me share few example posts which I read recently:

I am planning to start working on LinkedIn because it is a great social networking site where millions of people hang out thus more chances of getting referral traffic from my published articles.

Final words

Referral traffic is very important because this is the traffic that gives the best engagement on your blog which further helps you reduce your blog?s bounce rates. When bounce rate is good, Google considers your blog as good from user experience point of view thus there you get organic boost to your blog.

These are the surefire ways to increase referral traffic of your blog. Apart from these ways, you may read a blog post published on wordstream in which you will get to know the kind of links that send legit traffic.

Over to you!

I would like to hear from you as how you drive referral traffic to your blog.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Great post Mukesh, I enjoyed reading it!

    I agree with your every point in driving Referral traffic and it is most important too. Previously, I blogged on blogspot blogs and earned a lot with organic traffic. But those blogs were badly affected as it had no Referral traffic as I were completely unaware of it.

    Thus, I’m taking some efforts to get traffic from the ways which you’ve mentioned here. I would like to comment on other blogs and yes, I’m getting visitors from blog commenting as you said. Try to leave comments on ShoutMeLoud and BloggerTipsTricks (Ankit’s blog). This would help you to get some more traffic.

    Some bloggers believe that the guest blogging is dead, but I don’t mind about that. Because I’m contributing my guest posts on active blogs to have a good relationship with that blog founder and grow the audience of the same wavelength.

    Blogging communities are awesome! Good to know that Atish shared your post on Kingged. I’ll cast my vote for your post. I’ve just started to use Linkedin, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    My best wishes for you to get more referral traffic in the upcoming days, keep writing this kind of post for us. Have a relaxed weekend!

    • Thank you Nirmala for visiting this post, you are an inspiration for bloggers and need to learn from you how to write comments and engage. Thank you for your comments and its valuable one..


  2. Thanks for sharing those blog communities. And yes, it’s much important for a blog to get referral traffic.

    • Thank you for visiting this post and glad you liked it.


    • Thank you Vivek for visiting this post and best wishes for your blog.


  3. Hello Mukesh !
    Blog Commenting is the best way to get targeted traffic for free . This technique really pays off in the long run .
    Yeah ! Posting on facebook groups and google + communities drives immensive traffic . I have experienced it myself .

    Reddit can also a great source of traffic but u need to be real smart to drive traffic out of it .

    Loved reading this post !!
    happy blogging 🙂

    • Thank you Nikhil for visiting this post and glad you liked it, I am also glad to know Reddit can pull traffic to our blog.


  4. Hello Mukesh,

    Simply a great post. Referral traffic is very important for engagement because you get more relevant visitors than what other traffic sources send. Blog commenting is my favorite too, but it needs time to do.

    Glad you have shared this post.

    • Thank you Atish for visiting this post, glad you liked it.


    • Thank you Mamta for visiting this post and glad you liked it.


  5. Hey Mukesh,

    You’ve covered some great ways to get more traffic to your blog. My primary ways are through blog commenting which is where I get most of my referral traffic. Usually through the blogs and through blogging communities such as kingged.com.. As a matter of fact, most of my referral traffic comes from kingged.com, but one thing you have to do as a blogger is be very active in it or else you won’t gain anything. I usually read 2 blogs a day and comment on 2 blogs a day on this site which isn’t a lot at all, but still you get the best of it.

    Thanks for sharing Mukesh! Have a great weekend!

    I found your blog post on kingged.com that Atish shared under the category of Blogging


    • Thank you Metz for visiting this post and for your lovely comments. yes Kingged.com brings in good referral traffic.


  6. Hi Mukesh,

    Its a great post you have written with some good resources in the bogging communities section.

    I only recently found Kingged and have never heard of the others so I’ll check those out as time permits.

    That brings me onto the time factor of these methods. While I appreciate the relationship building side of these activities, it is, as you are obviously finding, very time consuming.

    It strikes me that you need a strict plan and schedule for these activities. How much time you allocate each day or each week needs to be balanced against results at the end of the day.

    Of the methods you’ve written about I am most familiar with Google+ and LinkedIn and I’ve just started using Reddit. But it all takes time….

    So I ask you, how do you manage your time with so many options available?

    Thanks for all the information.

    I’ve posted this on http://www.Kingged.com

    • Hi Ed, Thanks for visiting this post and glad you liked it. Yes Managing many blogging communities is time consuming however these are the one’s that bring in traffic and visitors, so spending quality time in submitting quality post is important.


  7. Guest Blogging
    Blog Communities
    Facebook and Google+
    Blog Commenting

    All of these are indeed surefire ways to drive referral traffic to you blog. Commenting is building new relationship with the blogger, meeting new friends and exchanging thoughts with fellow bloggers. Joining blogging communities like Kingged.com give you lots of doors and windows. There is more in creating new circle of amazing blogger friends; you can also read blog posts that might help your blogging career.

    All in all, the piece of writing is well-written, smart and very educational. Thanks for sharing this priceless piece with us!

    • THank you Metz for visiting this post and glad you liked it, i am glad to know Kingged is generating good visitors to this blog.


  8. Hi Atish,

    Thanks for giving me a good idea. I was just wondering what i can do to make a good promotional post for my company. I have done most of the things you’ve mentioned but the Linkedin post.

    Now i am wondering, can i make a post as my company or will it show my name? I haven’t published on linkedin before..

    Over 6 years experience, and i still feel nooby 😛


    • Hi Piyush,
      Thanks for visiting this post and glad you liked it. referral traffic is very important for getting traffic to blogs and need to constantly look for improving referral traffic.


  9. Hi Mukesh, Nice post.
    All traffics are important. direct traffic denotes the popularity of your site, organic traffic what we actually need and you already told us about referral traffic 🙂
    The main point is you need genuine traffic no matter how. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thank you for visiting this post Saransh, you are spot on mentioning direct traffic denotes the popularity of the site and bloggers are also focusing more on getting referral traffic which is also essential for the growth of our blog. ofcourse you rightly said genuine traffic is what everyone need..


  10. These are some great ways to gain referral traffic to your website. I think the social media, blogging communities, and guest blogging on popular relevant sites are the biggest referral traffic drivers to me. When it comes to blogging communities though, the traffic that you generate from there are usually fellow bloggers, but the comments and value that they contribute will drive up organic reach. So, social media and guest blogging might be the best two options for your business in terms of referral traffic in my opinion. Commenting can bring in traffic as well, but you have to comment a lot.

    • Thank you Lawrence for visiting this post, Yes i agree, commenting takes lot of your time and you need to spend good amount of time but it brings in traffic.


    • Thanks Vignesh for visiting this post and Glad you liked it


  11. Hey Atish,

    I was just wondering if you could make a big list of blogs to hit from where you can get heavy traffic from blog commenting?

    Hopefully with “comment luv”, if ya know what i mean 😉

    Would love some help here!


    Piyush Mathur

    • Thank you Piyush for visiting this blog, Identifying or predicting traffic through commenting is not an easy task, you need to keep visiting the blogs which provides comments on your blog and also visiting top blogs and comment.


  12. Hello Mukesh,
    Am a bit newbie and still learning, few months back I heard that you should not do guest blogging and comments. Or its just a myth?

    But I truly agree with you, I dont know why pro bloggers say comments are not good for your blog? Why they say I dont know,

    But for increasing our network with other bloggers we need to be social by doing comments/Engaging on social sites.

    Finally, Can you please tell me one thing – is referral traffic is good for blog health? like no google penalties?

    I would highly appreciate if you can clear my doubt.
    Back to you thanks.

    • Thank you Sandeep for visiting this post and glad you liked it, Yes referral traffic from legit portal is important for the growth of blog.


    • Thank you Rahim for visiting this post and glad it helped you.


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