What is Whatsdog? Alternatives of WhatsDog

Many times, we are into situations where we need to spy on some people, and in the world of technology, it is quite possible. As people are available on Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, and other social apps, they expose their activities online. However there are many privacy settings that enable them to keep many things private as well. However, some apps and software are so smart that they can track that information which is not public.

One such App called WhatsDog which you can use to keep an eye on all of your Whatsapp contacts. You can track their all activities using just this only. Impressive. Isn’t it?

Since it is kind of breaching the security of users, Google Play removed this app from the Play Store. However, you can get its apk here, and install this app on your Android phone.


Whatsdog enables you to keep a track of your contacts for various information such as you can get information about when a particular contact comes online and goes offline, for what duration he/she stayed online, and there are many things that this app can do. This is the reason it is one of most loved app by those who want to spy on someone.

Parents can use this app to keep an eye on their kids’ activities on Whatsapp. A wife can track his husband’s activity to know whether he is cheating on him or not. Similarly, a husband can do the same. Lolz.

We are not encouraging you to spy on your spouse as it creates issues in a relationship but at times, you may need such app or software. So, use only when it is very important. Technology must be used for good purpose! J

This app can be used for many good things, but as you know, there are always some bad things as well. Many bad guys can get so much info about their contacts. This is the reason; sharing your contact details with everyone specifically the phone number is not safe.

We would recommend you to use it for good purpose and for anything bad. And, enjoy this app.

Many people are claiming that Whatsdog is not working for them for some reasons. So, I tried finding out some alternatives of Whatsdog. I found a few apps which are somehow similar to it but not exactly like it.

Below are two Alternatives of Whatsdog:

1. ZealSpy

ZealSpy is an app that allows you to monitor your WhatsApp contact just like Whatsdog with some different features. It allows doing following:

  • Access chat logs
  • SMS messages
  • Browser history
  • Calendar events
  • Emails

Aren’t this much enough when you spy on someone?


Above is one of the screenshots of it. It is simply a great app.

2. Whatalert

Whatalert is another app that helps you keep an eye over your contacts and it allows:

  • View all profile photo changes of your contact
  • All profile photos your contacts have in a backlog
  • Tracks your contact’s online/offline status and usage stats just like WhatsDog


Note: When you install through apk, you must go to settings and check “unknown sources” because if it is disabled, you can only install from Google Play. Enabling this feature lets you install the apk or install apps from different sources as well. So it is a must do step.

Final Words

Unfortunately, I was not able to find other apps that do work like Whatsdog. Hope you will enjoy using these two apps if you are not able to work with Whatsdog. But, if Whatsdog is working fine with you, that is the best.

I am sure you will enjoy using these apps to monitor your Whatsapp contacts.

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