Top 5 Gadgets to take while Travelling on Vacation

I am a kind of person, who loves to explore new places, new cultures, and most importantly befriending with people from different places. This is the reason I love to travel. Once in a year I travel to some new place for vacation with my family, and for this I eagerly keep on waiting throughout the year.

A vacation is a time period to take rest, rekindle, relaxation, enjoyment and little bit of adventure. Being a blogger, I recommend every blogger to go for vacation for rejuvenating themselves and then again get back to work with even more freshness. Not only bloggers but everyone should at least go for vacation once in a year.

Though you are going on vacation doesn?t mean to leave all of your gadgets at your home. Carry few of them with you to make use of them as nowadays gadgets can help you in many ways, and even they can be very useful in some emergency as well.

Let?s have a look on the 5 gadgets that you must take while travelling on vacation:

1. Smartphone

The smartphone is not just a gadget, but it is now a part of our day to day lifestyle. Many of us or I say most of us cannot think a life without our smartphones. We all know how important it is but why I am suggesting you to carry when you go on vacation?

samsung galaxy s6

Because even you are on vacation, you would like to connect with your friends via social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and any other. You can take awesome pictures with your smartphone and upload to Facebook, or even you can send it to one of your friends via Whatsapp or other messaging apps.

Your phone can greatly help you in some kind of emergency as well. Let me tell you an incident, a friend of mine travelled to Srinagar for a vacation last year. From the very next day, heavy rain started. He witnessed Dal Lake turning into a big river due to a flood caused by rain. As long as the disaster started, he informed his family and friends about the same using his smartphone. We kept contact with him for few days just because he carried his Smartphone with him. Though many a times, network failed too, but at least his could be able to call whenever he got the network and kept on sending updates to his family about his wellbeing.

You never know when such kind of disaster can happen so it?s better to carry your phone with you.

2. Digital Camera

How you can leave your digital camera stay at home when you are travelling on vacation? You must need a camera to shoot videos and capture the memorable moments of your vacation. Though you can take photos with your smartphone, having a digital camera is beneficial.


I am having a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W730 Digital Camera [link]?which I always carry if I am going for a vacation. So don?t miss to take it along to capture the times of joy and happiness.

3. Portable Solar charger

solar charger

I just have suggested you carry your phone and camera with you on vacation but do you think if you have to stay outside of your hotel or any accommodation for a full day, then what about the battery of your phone and camera? They might drain out and you cannot use them.

In such situation, Portable solar charger [Link] comes into use that uses the sunlight to charge your gadgets.

Apart from the solar charger, I would also advise to keep one or two power banks with you so if you don?t get electricity to charge your phone you can make use of them at night as well. Solar charger might not without Sunlight.

So, carry these to keep your phones charged all the time, and enjoy without a fear of getting the battery low frequently.

4. Luggage Scooter

luggage scooter

Luggage Scooter [link] is one of the best gadgets I can suggest you to take it with you while travelling because many a times you have to carry your luggage from Airport to Airplane, from taxi to your hotel, and at many occasions.

You won?t have to lift but you just have to put the luggage on the scooter, stand on it and switch it on and the scooter will take you along with the luggage wherever you want.

It is the most modern way of carrying your luggage.

5. Foot Warmers


Foot Warmers can be very useful when you are travelling to some colder place in winters. ThermaCell rechargeable foot warmer [Link] is one of those Foot warmers. It is built with innovative technology, and equipped with thermal technology that takes your feet comfort to next level. It is controlled by its remote through which you can increase or decrease the intensity of heat.

This is a must have gadget for winter vacation because many a time your feet get numbed due to excess cold, and then this foot warmer can help you big time.

Final words

These are few must have gadgets while travelling. If you had missed to carry these on your last vacation, then keep it with your baggage once you are ready to go for next vacation.

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. I liked the Luggage Scooter the most, Mukesh. Thanks for the list. Though I don’t travel much due to some health reasons but I do like to meet new people from different culture and places.

    Thanks for posting this Mukesh.

    • Thank you Atish for visiting this post, Luggage scooter is definitely interesting to try..


  2. Nice gadgets for vacation travellers Mukesh!

    I use iPod to listen songs while going to my hometown from Chennai and for the first time I’m hearing about the Foot Warmers.

    I would like to have it! Thanks for writing this nice post, have a great week ahead!

    • Thank You Nirmala for visiting this post, Yes, Ipod is something no other player can replace, there is no competition to IPOD.


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