Loany –Hassle-free Loan Approval App

Loany- Hassle free Loan Approval app

In the world we live, things are going costlier, and salaries are going lower. To buy home and cars, Loan is a big saviour. Otherwise, lower and middle class people cannot get their own home or car because these things are costly, and paying a huge amount at once is tough or nearly impossible for the people with limited earning. But, loan makes it possible to get the home or vehicle, and pay the amount in installments.

For those middle or lower classes of people, Loan works the best. Loans are generally offered by the banks. There are many types of loans such as business loan, home loan, vehicle loan, etc. Different types of loans require different paper work.

Most of the times, when you are not much aware of the process of loan getting approved, you spend so much of time with multiple loan agents, and at the end when you come to know that your loan application got rejected, that is painful because you have already spent a lot of time in paper work and meetings with various agents.

That is the reason there is an app called Loany was made by a group of people that is specifically designed for Bangalore based people to get loans from various banks.

In this blog post, we are going to review the finance app, Loany.

What is Loany?

The name says it all; Loany is a finance app that helps you find the right agents who can help you getting your loan approved from a bank.


It is just like a marketplace where people buy and sell stuff. Here agents and customers meet and take things forward.

How does Loany work?

Both Agents and Customers have to create profiles on Loany. Basically, this app works as a platform where agents and customers meet and discussion the loan opportunities and getting things done in a whole different and effective manner.

Customers can create their profile using cards that show your loan interest, income and other details that are required by the agents to start analyzing that for how much loan you are qualified and which will be the best bank for you.



As a customer, you can create cards and share that with the agents you want. Yes, there are agent profiles available that you can contact and share your card that gives him information about you, and you both can start the conversation.


You can directly send your card to agent or can accept their request of asking you for the personal details. You can just tap “share” to share your card with the agent. All these talks will be done with the Loany’s chat feature that somehow looks like modern day chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Hike, etc. So, you won’t find tough using the chat feature as well.

However, before you start conversation with agent(s), you need to search for an agent near you. For which, you can just search for the agents, and you will get the list of all the agents along the bank logos with which they work to get loan for you.


Different agents work with different banks to get your loan approved. That means you are not restricted to a few banks because, on Loany, there is a long list of agents that work with various banks. If you have any bank preference, you can select the agent who works with that particular bank.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you just need to tap “Select Agent”, and that agent will be notified. As long as the agent gets the notification, he/she will get back to you via Loany chat, and details about the things you want to ask.

Why should you use Loany?

When you reach out to agents for loan offline, you have to wait for agents to come by your place, discuss things, and other things. You do these things with many agents that take a lot of your time. But, when you use Loany, you can create a card that you can share with multiple agents via chat feature, and negotiate with each of them just by chatting with them. Then you can compare each agent offerings, and then select the best one for you. All these you do with sharing your mobile number which is the best advantage because nowadays when you share your mobile number with a few agents, and for some reasons you don’t work with them and choose someone else, you will still be getting phone calls from them detailing about their various products.

And, this is the best reason I can go with Loany instead of reaching out an agent offline.

Also, in offline, meeting with so many agents and explaining things take a lot of time whereas, with Loany, you can just leave messages for agents on Chat, and get their reply. In short, you get a lot of options there, and you can go with the best offer after comparing each agent’s offers.

All you have to do is to download Loany on your Android pone (currently available on Android only), create a profile using cards, and start finding and talking with various Agents.

Who are the Agents that you find on Loany?

Loany is just a platform, and those agents are not from it. Those agents are the normal offline agents who signed up for Loany. However, they have to deal with customers as per the Loany’s criteria as I have mentioned above. Therefore, always choose the agent on Loany after discussing things in detail, and also after comparing their offers.


Loany is an awesome platform where we can easily get in touch with the agents from various banks. I love the feature of not sharing mobile number as I have been a victim of so many calls from various DSAs and individual agents for loans and insurance.

Currently Loany is only available on Android and works only for Bangalore.

It would really help if Loany expands in almost all cities of India, and also should soon launch their iOS app so that iPhone users can also use it.

I would highly recommend Loany to all of them who are looking for a loan

Mukesh Annamalai

Mukesh Annamalai is the Founder of this blog and he specializes into Technology thus he loves to share tech & gadget related Blog posts.


  1. Great App, dont think we have any other app like this for getting loans. looks like it will be very easy now.

  2. Hello Mukesh,
    It is indeed a good app. I hope this comes to Delhi as well, so that when I need I can use it too.

    Thanks for the review.

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