Top 5 Indian Astrology Portals

The study of the impact that stars and planet have on human life is known as Astrology.

Many people have strong belief in astrology, and many don’t have any trust in it. But the truth is, Astrology does exist, and if you are in contact of an excellent astrologer, you must have noticed that how accurate their predictions and suggestions are.

Few years ago, when I was having some problems in my personal and professional life, one of my friends suggested me visiting some astrologer but at that moment I had not any belief in such things. However, I went with him to meet a good astrologer, and he checked everything. Then he told me many things that were actually happening with me. He suggested few of the things to do in order to change the impact of stars. I started following his suggestions, and there were many things that sorted out so easily that I never expected.

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So, now I have trust in Astrology, and you should have too.

In this blog post, I am sharing top 5 Astrology Portals in India that you should check out if you are looking for the best Astrologers.

1. Astrospeak.com

Astrospeak.com is one stop solution to your all your Astrology needs. There are expert Astrologers offer their services on this website. You can buy services and astrological products like gems, stones, etc. as per your requirements.

This website offers Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Vastu. You can talk and hire the services of a concerned expert to discuss your problems. Most of the experts on this site are highly qualified and charge high.

It also offers a love meter where you can put yours and your partner’s name to know the love percentage.

It’s indeed an excellent website to get everything of such kind, but remember one thing that this site has so many offerings, and thus the site’s home page looks a little confusing. Indiatimes Lifestyle Network powers this website.

2. Ganeshaspeaks.com

Ganeshaspeaks.com is one of the best astrology websites in India. It offers few free services such as Kundli matching, daily horoscope, sun sign profile, Shani dosha, and Moon sign report.

This website has a team of expert astrologers. The famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla has been the brand ambassador and promoter of this website. He is the one who inaugurated the website in 2003.

Ganeshaspeeks.com has been a trusted website by thousands of people. Do check out this website, if you have something that you require for astrology needs.

3. AstroVed.com

AstroVed.com is the outcome of the desire and hard work of Dr. Basakaran Pillao. You can find daily horoscope, astrology news, live consultation, remedial rituals, mobile apps, and Panchang on this website.

This website has articles related to love, fertility, education, sports, etc. You should check out this site today, and find out the solution of your problems.

4. CyberAstro.com

CyberAstro.com was founded in 1997, and now it has become one of the most genuine astrology sites of India. It has more than 400 thousand users registered.

It is also the world’s first ISO certified company for selling astrology products and services. It has both free and premium subscriptions. The popular free services are horoscope, astrology reports, Vastu tips, etc.

5. Astroyogi.com

Astroyogi.com has all the services and products available that you need for your astrology needs. You can even talk to different astrologers to discuss your issues. You need to buy minutes and then talk to one of them.

You can find information about the gemstones, yantra, nakshatra, etc. You can find various astrology reports as well such as love, career, finance, etc.


Stars and planets do impact our life, and thus we need to know more about how they are affecting. So that we can know that whether our life is being influenced adversely? If yes, we can find solutions by consulting the expert astrologers.

In short, it’s important to be in the contact of good astrologers and get advice time to time. These 5 websites are the best ones where you can find India’s most talented Astrologers.

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  1. I have been in touch with an Astro, and I was fully satisfied. I never knew there are so many sites online where we can find Astros. Thanks for the list Mukesh.

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